Seasons Dance

Dancing duck has taken to living in our ponds

There is a spirit of change in the air, the time when two seasons begin their dance. How long this dance will twirl around before summer bows out and autumn is in full manifest, we shall have to wait and see. Will it be a slow deep dance or a dramatic tango is unknown. But I can tell you the colors and temperatures have begun to change. I feel anticipation in the form of delight in my heart and blood. Daily the details of life are alive with change.

I've taken to riding my bike in the back country:

Picked a basket of dandelions to steep in vinegar:


Life is good.


What have I been up to?

Gosh, usually I am so available to share here on my blog. Summer has been a busy time for me. Which feels truly like the spirit of summer! Especially if you live in the north with full on seasons. Summer is the time to do outdoor projects, camping trips, water activities, picnics and potlucks under the shade of trees and under the stars. I have been doing all that and more. For example, with my dear friends A&C, I have been making fire wood:

We are hoping there is three years worth in these piles!
Annie taught me how to use the chainsaw!

Now to share some shrooms, fungi images from my recent Canada trip:

I do believe we have a russula here:

I find this little guy with it's big old trunk to be so charming (that is a tiny pine cone, not one of the big old ones we are use to):

A blogger friend told me about the little white critter with an X on top next to the mushroom in this image. It is a spore capsule for the moss. They are a type of moss called liverworts which are typified by the long delicate spore capsules. The capsules are round in the beginning, but assume an 'X' after they open up and release their spores:

I love the little critters!
Thank you ~ Brian


Glacier National Park - British Columbia

Earlier this month I loaded up my van, ready for car camping and headed north. As I crossed the border into Canada I looked in my rear view mirror to see blue skies and white puffy clouds, ahead was a dark and stormy day. The storm rang out it's clouds as though they were soaking wet sponges and then the clouds departed, I found myself with a lovely blue skied day.
I drove to Glacier National Park, nestled between the Columbia and Purcell Mountain range of British Columbia, Canada. The mountains are huge and majestic, the kind of beauty that stills one to their core just to breath the air and take in the spirit of the land.

Summer's wildflowers showing their glory,

High up the Avalanche Crest Trail
Up up up this trail went:

then down down down:

Tiny mushrooms, galore:


The top of the trail:

The tiny critters win my heart,


Victoria Magazine Features My Photography

My phone rang and the unexpected exciting call comes in:

Hi, I am calling from Victoria Magazine we have a story on our website featuring entrepreneurs and we would like to do one on you and your photography business, the story is to go live on Tuesday (08/05/08).

I love this, out of the blue, a sweet offering.

So if you would like to see this little story go to: Victoria Magazine: Through the Eyes of Art