Oceans of Dreams

oceans of dreams
stir within the womb of a heart
given time on earth
we breathe life into them
rising to the surface
like tiny bubbles
manifesting with each shift in time
infinite potential

Photo: a rare find, bubbles dancing under spring ice as the creek flows by


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shift in time


Perfect Preparation

Happy Halloween~

autumn leans toward winter
slowly pulling summer from my bones
morning eyes open
to a blanket of snow
clouds mingle with fog
mingles with fireplace smoke
summers celebration
of life
makes way for a quieter cloak
a perfect preparation

Last year, this time.

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Lovely in the Grass

I could have flown right by you
the fringes of our spirits touched
I turned
and there you were
a pale golden beauty
blending with autumn grass
you turned
our eyes met
my heart smiled
you wandered on

I don't have the right lens for wildlife off in a field,
thus details are not grand.
It felt like a gift to see this wolf or maybe coyote.
It's camouflage was astounding!


Beauty Flows

elusive state of beauty
rightly thrives in the fluid of our bones
last week I cried in beauties presence
one view: tears are quite acceptable
emotional tenderness
another view: tears reveal resistance of beauties flow
a stance of
mistaken feelings
neglected actuality
long enough
beauty now flows


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Mountains: Thrilling Presence

rolling down the road
to the land of majesty
and mystery
beauty huge and profound
slight tightening within
revealed as gentle tears
in the presence of a master
evidence of my beliefs
not in sync with mighty potential
absolute beauty

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avoid living
theme of busy mind
as it fiddles with past and fantasy future
hearts wisdom:
conquer twirling scenarios
rest in the solitude of spaciousness
magic grows

walking in the woods this week
the quality of the air 'caught' my attention
immersed in a spacious feeling
there was no thinking
distinct realization of being in a living moment
filled me
along with a sense of being enlivened ~

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Ice Crystals and Green

Ice crystals on green is a rare thing!

three mornings in a row
minus temperatures in October
-3F -4F -5F

have I told you
how I love
how I wait
for the arrival
ice crystals

this is early in the season
yet they grow

they grow through the night
glorified in sunlight
a magical delight

for me
what absorbs my attention
my heart
makes me forget that my fingers
and toes
are frozen
is a bit of life that has my devotion



Life as a Lucky Charm

talismans of a day
invigorating air
awesome light

leaves whirling dervishes amongst autumn wind
dragonfly wings frozen in time

blue sky beckoning play
within the colors of the day

elegant curving oak
grace is here to stay
overflowing with lucky charms

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Circles of Seasons

each one an entity in their own
entering into an exquisite
as one flows into the next

1. Yellowstone National Park
2. Tetons with smoke from numerous fires


Bed of Pebbles

lying on the pebbles of your shore
each cell quiets
heart calm
breathing slows
gentle breeze
like fingers
kneading massaging
the flesh of my spirit
lapping waves
a lullaby
rocking me to and fro
held in your embrace

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folks flock to your kingdom
from all over the world
they wander through your flesh
open to your presence
drink of your spirit
bodies are strengthened
eyes brighten
as stars paint the night
folks sleep deeply after a day in your glory
tis a holy sojourn
my sense
we are kindred
of the same descent

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Aqua Stone

strolling along the rivers bank
pale lavender gray stones
one caught my eye
a turquoise beauty
made me think of you

placed in the waters edge
its brilliance came to life
found more colorful pretties
for a stone mandala
a photograph for you
now you get the lovely stone
water and light too

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