More Harmony

I was reading a post on Mother Henna the other day that spoke to being more GREEN and it mentioned a low impact woodland home. Well when I clicked on the link and saw the little hobbit-ish house and found my way to the links page, I immersed myself for hours!

Strong emotions rose to the surface as I poured through the pictures and read about the things these people were doing with their days and lives. I had a strong feeling arise that felt like deep crying. The feelings were a mix of pain in contemplation of how we have gotten so far from harmony with our planet and life in general and joy because there are folks living with more harmony. So very exciting.

You may want to take a look at these homes too.

trees make the best mobiles

I came across a book about simple ways to raise your child: trees make the best mobiles. I must agree, trees mesmerize me. I stop take in their beauty with my eyes, then something in me sinks, relaxes, opens. Blending with it's presence, it's stance, it's sway. I feel rejuvenated, alive and peaceful. Trees are amazing.

When my son, Jesper was born and the presents began coming in, I made a request: no plastic toys, no weapons and no synthetic clothing. We lived for years like this. Handing Jesper three walnuts in their shells would inspire endless creative fun. Sometimes the most wonderful things are the simple ones.


Dream and Dream and Dream

I wonder
what a night
of dreamless sleep
would be like

Does the nights
busy activity
same as the days
busy activity
from avoidance
or fear

avoidance or fear of
avoidance or fear of
with the
with the

Because I dream
and dream
and dream

Is there really so much
to figure out
Or is it about
all the possibilities


Sweaters and Two Men

Two men whose sayings
have influenced my life;
My Papa
"it's a beautiful day, get outside and play".
Mister Rogers
"let's make the most of this beautiful day".
Both men were born this week of March,
both passed beyond.
in the trees,
in honor of these men.

The inspiration for this post came from Mother Henna, in honor of Mister Fred Rogers who would have had his 80th birthday on March 20th. She has invited blog artists to create a piece of art in their favorite medium and to include a sweater somewhere in the work. Post the art on your blog and leave your permalink in the comments on her blog. On Thursday, March 20th, Mother Henna do a new tribute post and include all the links with her own sweater art.

When my father passed in 1991 I was given a dozen of his cashmere sweaters. I washed them by hand and hung them in a tree to air dry. It was lovely and whimsical as they danced in the breeze. I always wished I had taken a photo of that. So when Kara presented this idea I decided to do a tribute in a tree to my papa and Mister Rogers.


Eye Candy

I wandered up to Lake McDonald Sunday, to have brunch at the Belton Chalet and to take in the spirit of Glacier National Park. For her spirit is tangible and nurturing. The Belton greeted me with news of being 'out of food'! What?! Well they chatted amongst themselves and offered me five menu choices. Brunch with my journal and a view of snow capped mountains, painted with a splash of oranges and reds as the train roared by was lovely.

I then wandered up to the lake. Lake McDonald is earthed in a variety of colorful rocks. Lovely to behold. I met a man there shoveling snow. He lives nearby and loves the park, he was shoveling for the exercise. I remember him from last spring, with his scope on a mama grizzly and her playful cub. We had a nice chat and I was on my way.

My day was complete with a wonderful meal, good chat, walk through the woods along a river and amazing views. Once again Glacier has touched me deeply.


Deer Heart

October 29th
Yellow Stone National Park

The suns warmth graces me
The air is colder than cool
The ground is frozen where water travels the surface
We are in the midst of seasonal transition
The lone buffalo in the meadow is wearing a thick coat, dressed for ice and snow

Leaving the park, the sun sinks towards the earth
Shadows grow longer
Striking in appearance
Light showing off all that it touches
Deer are out in hundreds
No exaggeration
Eating and hanging with the herd

I drive on
Wanting to enjoy the scenes
Wanting tomorrow’s drive to be shorter
I am now in Wyoming
This land takes a new feel and shape
Golden rolling hills
Pointed peaks
Endless grasslands
where are the trees?
I feel a sense of respect
If I were to walk day after day
What would this land teach me?

As darkness falls, I find my eyes sweeping the path I drive
Looking for animals, mostly deer
I feel anxious remembering my vision of two days ago:

I was driving the highway in Montana
In an instant a deer was in front of my van
I crashed into it
Pulling the van over
Running to the deer
Finding it breathing with difficulty, bleeding
I pull it off the road
We look into one another’s eyes, it’s life draining away
Without words it tells me
“Eat my heart, take my life into you, so that I may live on through you”
Knowing that honoring this request was the only possibility
I began eating it's heart, warm and beating with life
Blood running down my chin and hands

With it’s last breath
The deers spirit enters me
I am wild
I am deer
I know nothing else
Not my name
Not the world around me
We are immersed in one another
This deer's heart beating in my own

As the deer’s breath enters my body
It’s body lies limp in my arms
Something pulls me from it’s body
and it’s body from my arms
My eyes become accustomed to the life around me
People looking at me as though I am lost, crazed with blood on me
They think it is the shock of killing this deer with my van
They could never know that I am now deer
as well as woman

My eyes sweep the road my van flies down
Remembering the deer protectors glued onto the bumper
Plastic gadgets that whistle and warn animals of an approaching vehicle
Work, I pray
Not only do I not want to kill anyone
I feel anxious of the heart
The beating warm heart I may have to eat

My awareness drops to my chest
A deer now lives within it
Vision united us
We have become one



For weeks
I have heard the buzz of springs coming
Birds have been singing it
Folks in town chit chat about it
Yesterday the softness of brown earth under my boots
whispered promises
With mornings arrival
I gaze out the window
the world is dressed in white again
not a sprinkling of powdered sugar
a thick layer of frosting!


Earth's Coat

Earth is wearing a coat
of snow
up to my knees.
Moose tracks sink deep to the earthen floor.
whirling, twirling, floating
towards the earth.
Falling, melting
because springs' spirit is already here.

I feel tender joy in this mornings snow,
reminding me of the first snow falls of winter.
Will this be the last?


Original Birth

I remember
my original birth
the impulse that felt as though it came from my heart
an impulse that felt like inspiration
to become unique
from the whiteness
the eternal white sky
that impulse birthed me from the one
I became an individual breath
a breath the same as the oneness

I was not a person
this was long before that
I was light
a soul
the impulse that felt like it came from my heart
still lives in my heart
the impulse came first
the heart is where it has been planted
now I find my impulse leads me
to the one
eternal whiteness


A New Earth

I have just begun reading Eckhart Tolle's book : A New Earth.

On page 4 he speaks of what it takes to sense the divine essence within one's self as well as all life. He writes "once there is a certain degree of Presence, of still and alert attention in human beings' perceptions, they can sense the divine life essence, the one indwelling consciousness or spirit in every creature, every life-form, recognize it as one with their own essence and so love it as themselves." He goes on to say that until this happens we mostly identify with our physical and psychological form.

I feel excited in hearing that huge numbers of people are reading this book due to Oprah. If people are considering the possibilities of what he is saying; practicing alert presence and considering that the divine is in all life, I do indeed believe that life on earth will be different. Different in a wonderful way. I have always trusted and felt that within our hearts we are connected to the divine. When we get still and feel this, a new clarity arises. A clarity that assists us to live in harmony within ourselves and with life on earth. As we feel the glory of the divine in all life we are nurtured, as well as enlivened. Indeed our relationship with all life will be new.

Astrologer, Melissa Stratton (melwaz@ptd.net )writes the following quotes in her (Pisces) March 2008 newsletter:

"You are me, I am you, and we are all together." Perhaps George Harrison, born with Sun in Pisces, wrote that lyric.

Albert Einstein, one of the most famous Sun in Pisces natives says it well too, "Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness."

And listen to this quote from another Pisces, the lyrical, poet/writer Anais Nin, "If all of us acted in unison as I act individually there would be no wars and no poverty. I have made myself personally responsible for the fate of every human being who has come my way."

As we are in the midst of the month of pisces, perhaps the universal oneness will begin to be recognized and felt.