trees make the best mobiles

I came across a book about simple ways to raise your child: trees make the best mobiles. I must agree, trees mesmerize me. I stop take in their beauty with my eyes, then something in me sinks, relaxes, opens. Blending with it's presence, it's stance, it's sway. I feel rejuvenated, alive and peaceful. Trees are amazing.

When my son, Jesper was born and the presents began coming in, I made a request: no plastic toys, no weapons and no synthetic clothing. We lived for years like this. Handing Jesper three walnuts in their shells would inspire endless creative fun. Sometimes the most wonderful things are the simple ones.

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  1. You are so right Tammie. Aspens are probably one of the best mobiles out there, exciting its self by the spirit of the wind.


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