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I wandered up to Lake McDonald Sunday, to have brunch at the Belton Chalet and to take in the spirit of Glacier National Park. For her spirit is tangible and nurturing. The Belton greeted me with news of being 'out of food'! What?! Well they chatted amongst themselves and offered me five menu choices. Brunch with my journal and a view of snow capped mountains, painted with a splash of oranges and reds as the train roared by was lovely.

I then wandered up to the lake. Lake McDonald is earthed in a variety of colorful rocks. Lovely to behold. I met a man there shoveling snow. He lives nearby and loves the park, he was shoveling for the exercise. I remember him from last spring, with his scope on a mama grizzly and her playful cub. We had a nice chat and I was on my way.

My day was complete with a wonderful meal, good chat, walk through the woods along a river and amazing views. Once again Glacier has touched me deeply.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day. I love the photo of the rocks. The colors are beautiful.


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