A Winter's Tale

Winter's dance is near
a light snowfall
ponds freeze at night
thaw in the day
earth under feet
is hard
no longer gives with each
step I take
days are cold
folks talk of wanting
snow to arrive
for we live in a ski town

when I lived in the south land
of California
winter was a subtle season
I wondered what a true winter would be like
my heart whispered
"if you don't live where seasons rule, you will never know"
"live your life fully, try different things"
and off I went into the world
traveling to far off lands
landing in a place I call home

I never knew that winter changes every day
snow comes it goes
ice comes it melts
sun comes not often
forests are white dressed in snow
temperatures rise
forests are green
when the temps drop deep
the land becomes a magical ice palace
frozen crystals grow everywhere
that is when I have the natural world to myself
rarely if ever
do I see another person out wandering in that deep cold
the sun dances on these crystals
and nothing else exists
for me
nothing but the beauty of the moment
for it is profound in it's fragile magnificence

For Sunday Scribblings prompt; A Winter's Tale

Landscapes that Delight

delight of sunrise

I sense that over the next few days I will post a couple images
from last weeks drive
I hope you enjoy them

strata dressed in pastels


Home Again

Tis early morning,
fire heating the cabin,
sipping hot cocoa,
the day is gray, many shades of gray.
I have just returned from a road trip to California,
pulling a trailer
hauling my earthly possessions, north.
As I drove south I felt as though I revisited fall.
Trees had leaves again, towns were golden with fall color.
Layers of clothing were peeled off and stayed off,
until I journeyed north again, entering back into
the deep season of fall
nearly winter.

This image was sunrise
in all her glory.



This past week I drove down to lovely Santa Barbara California to bring my belongings that have been in storage to Montana. Tis a very long drive, even more so pulling a trailer. Perhaps 25 hours! Today holds a mere 5 hours drive before I arrive at the home of friends for a lovely celebration of appreciation, food and music.

As I sit at the keyboard my heart smiles. This is inspired by all the people I have met in blogland, I so enjoy our sharing! My heart also smiles as I feel how meaningful each and every relationship I have is to me. Truly I am thankful for this life I have been given. I feel that we are endlessly creative beings, capable of anything we can dream of and more. So cheers to each and everyone of you. Thank you for being in my life!


Tea Fire

This past week I was in Santa Barbara, California. I went down tie up loose ends I left behind four years ago. Loose ends in this case is belongings I left in storage. In this moment I am deeply aware of how possessions can be quite a burden. One buys them, they then care for them, house them, move them around and if they no longer want their possessions they have to find away to get rid of them. I am exhausted. Still I feel as though I accomplished quite a bit.

In the middle of the week the Tea Fire began! The energy of the town changed in an instant! People drove with fear, excitement and fast. The news of the fire was on every television, smoke and ash filled the air and news of homes destroyed touched folks hearts with sadness and distress. I was staying with a girlfriend, near enough to the fire that we evacuated taking her precious belongings.

This trip only a little point and shoot camera accompanied me. I never got out and took pictures of the fire as I was too busy with the living of life. Still these two images I can share. The top photo is sunset through smoke the last night of the fire. The photo below is sunrise through a dirty plane window as I flew off to return home.

My heartfelt prayers and best wishes go to the folks that have lost their homes this past week. May you find your way with grace and the support of many people.


Momentary Treasures

There are moments in a day that are treasures
these moments ignite the heart

this mornings treasures lay in the morning sunlight
as it sparkles the tiny crystals that coat the earth
it lasts for a short time
then the crystals melt
in the warming sun

being in the presence of light
dancing on the edge of a sparkly leaf
somehow takes my breath away
then fills me with the spirit of life

This post is my birthday greeting to all my Scorpio
Paschal today is your day
Lorie I shall see you soon
Maxine (once upon a time)
Roberto of Italy
Brian of Norway

May your day, your year be full of treasures!


What a difference a day (or week) can make...

A week or so ago I posted a fall image of my wee cabin in the woods. The image showed the season in her glory reflected in this very pond, scroll back a few posts to see the image. Today is our "first" snow. It began as rain gently falling upon the earth. Soon I noticed large raindrops that fell slower than the others, reminding me of winters snow. Then they were here, flakes like feathers floating through the air, landing one upon the other, building a white layer upon the earth. Trees coated in blankets of white. Something special about an autumn snowfall is that you see fall colors dressed in white. Very beautiful.

As a photographer I feel timid posting an image that is not dramatic or fantastic, but the part of me that wants to tell a story, wants to share my joy in our first snow shares this image to show how nature has her way. In a moment the green grass can become winter for a day or a season. I bow to and feel great respect for the natural rhythms in life.


I Heart your blog

Tanya Gwen Minnick has awarded me with:

She writes " I must give a nod to Tammie Lee with her beautiful blog aka "Spirithelpers" Tammie Lee has a gift of photography and writing. Combine the two and you get wonderful stories, poems and beautiful accompanying photography. I love the way Tammie Lee sees the world through her camera lens..it fascinates me to no end- "How does she get such wonderful snapshots of our world?" Tammie Lee is kind, patient, brave and wonderfully gifted. I appreciate her contributions to the world, and the world of blogging."

Myyyyy goodness, so kind that she has shown appreciation for what I share on my blog in this way! I highly recommend that you drop in for a visit at Tanya's blog and have a leisurely look about enjoying her wonderful blog of art, sweet sensitivity and appreciation life!

Now as most of you know, these awards come with suggestions that we pass them on in certain ways. I am not the best at following guidelines, rules, recipes or other folks footsteps. So I will do it a wee bit different.

I have recently found some blogs that have greatly excited and inspired me. I sense you might enjoy a visit as well:

There is Sarah of Little Paper Bird: She is amazing with paper and making books!

Valerie Greeley of Acornmoon: her art makes me want to look and enjoy endlessly!

Rima Staines of The Hermitage: I feel as though I have stepped into a magical realm full of mystery and whimsy when I visit her!

Lisa Hurwitz Art: Lisa's art is full of creative wonder and charm that makes me smile with delight.

Eleanor Jane Cardwell: A Good Idea on Paper. Another amazing blog with paper magic and wonder.

If any of you feel inspired to honor this award by passing it on to others: Enjoy

1. Put the logo on your blog or post

2.Nominate at least 5 blogs (more or less).

3. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

4. Link to this post to the person you originally sent you your award.

Enjoy and wishing you well on Dia de los Muertos.