Home Again

Tis early morning,
fire heating the cabin,
sipping hot cocoa,
the day is gray, many shades of gray.
I have just returned from a road trip to California,
pulling a trailer
hauling my earthly possessions, north.
As I drove south I felt as though I revisited fall.
Trees had leaves again, towns were golden with fall color.
Layers of clothing were peeled off and stayed off,
until I journeyed north again, entering back into
the deep season of fall
nearly winter.

This image was sunrise
in all her glory.


  1. What an extraordinary photo. When I first saw it I thought there was a strange blue sculpture in the middle of nowhere. It’s only when I clicked on and enlarged the picture that I saw that it was, in fact, water. Sculpture or not, a beautiful sunrise and touching text. It reminds me of another text (anon.):
    ‘I am moving all day and not moving at all. I am like the moon underneath the waves that ever go rolling.’

  2. Son,

    your (anon.)text describes my day, exactly....

    always touching when someone senses a truth.

  3. Ah, she's back! Lovely poem and image, Tammie.

  4. Such a beautiful image! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I may have gotten to eat more, but, due to the size of my family, there were no leftovers to pick on. Darn! love those leftovers. They're like "Thanksgiving, Take 2."

  5. I like the time travelling analogy! Beautiful picture, beautiful words as always. It makes me want to have hot cocoa now!

  6. So, so beautiful! The image and your words too. I love your expressions!


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