Glimpses of Early Spring, NW Montana

I have gotten to see the great gray owls a few times
one day there were two together!
(one hunting and one in a nearby tree)

the tiny world of lichen
looks big with my macro lens

Spring Beauties.....
an early spring flower

a tiny pool where fairies bathe:

found a few yellowbells on a cloudy day:

extra petals on this buttercup:

Last summer into autumn, someone made lacy pattern on all the alder tree's leaves.
The other day I found these tiny iridescent blue beetles on the wheelbarrow handles. 
Looking them up, I found their larvae eat alder leaves. 
Alder flea beetles:

spring is a fun time to explore
the tiny beginnings of new and continued life



Pasque Flowers

listening to the spirit
that lies beneath the surface

allowing it's languid and lively presence
to permeate awareness
as well as stance

grace rises 
within each breath

abiding a heart
of tender knowing


Pasqueflowers are a lovely sign of spring, 
rising through the earth before the grasses
have barely begun to grow.
Sprinkled in meadows and grasslands.
A joyous celebration of new life. 

Lovely Sunday and Easter to you!


Spring's Snow Stars

it was a snow star morning

as though fairies sprinkled them here and there

scattering magic throughout the land 

tiny snowflakes.... on spring's land

an ephemeral delight

graced with frosty edges

Lovely Spring to You