Samhain; Gaelic for Summer's End

clouds were passing through today
from west to east
through hills and valley
meadow and high mountain

cloaked within their misty forms
traveled celestial ancients

their sole purpose
to sprinkle blessings on the land
and all that lived beneath

and so they did
and so it goes
blessings from above

tis Halloween
and the sun descending towards the horizon drew me out of my wee cabin
to sunset bathe
and greet the Celtic New Year with my heart

whether you celebrate Halloween
Day of the Dead, honoring those who have passed to the beyond
or Samhain
I wish you a gracious time


this evenings moon


Autumn Sunset

Autumn Sunset

in the presence of light
we are purified

in the presence of color
we come present

in the presence of mountains majestic
rich spaciousness

in the presence of light
a luminosity that nourishes

in the presence of reflection
we soften with the satiny surface

with sunset
we breathe 
in sync with life

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Life Dances in Holy Waters

 like a dream
life dances in holy waters
reflections and ripples
of light
of color
travel to the edges of the pond
and beyond



Autumn Blessing

may the breath of autumn
which stirs the leaves
until they are free to ride upon the breeze
may it free your spirit to gently rise
find your colors and then take flight
may the breath of autumn wrap a cloak of soft light
around you



The Mushroom Said to Me

the mushroom said to me
there is nowhere else to be
though our roots travel far
this is what we know
here is where we are
there is nowhere else to be


this morning: