Happy Equinox to You

as we cross the threshold of a new season
we have glimpses of summer and autumn both

 change and mysteries tend to be tangible at this time

the spots on fawns
are fading

I found a moth's cocoon
will it survive being buried under snow all winter

a mix of leaves cuddle on the pond

after rain
offer their own special drama

here and there 
a mushroom can be found

Happy New Season to you!

Do you have a favorite image from above?



Tiny Puffballs

few flowers grace our world
as we enter the fungi season
(so glad there is always something to enjoy)

these are tiny fruiting puffballs

found at the base of my mountain ash tree

photographed on a smoky day
giving them an even richer color

I find each one to be a work of art
a small treasure to behold

Then one morning 
I woke to find a squirrel had eaten them all!

That is the task to enjoy the mushrooms before someone eats them. 

Most puffballs are edible for us and the deer and the squirrels
who knows who else. 



Owl Visit

The sound of squirrels warning the forest of danger. 

I looked up to see a Great Gray Owl glide over the pond to land on a stump. 

Sitting, looking around then hopped to the ground. 

Ripples danced through the ponds surface as the owl took a morning bath in shallow water. 

Then hopped back up on the stump, shaking this way and that. 

Lifting into the air, silently landing on a limb. 

Watch the video as it shakes and dries from it's bath. Then breaks a branch that is in it's way. In the smoky morning air (see golden smoky light on it's back).

  I got to sit and watch for 45 min. As this owl was in no rush to leave. 

it knew I was there
did not seem to care

flying further away
down to the earth near a creek
for a drink
It is super smoky these days
so many wildfires
the owl was a wonderful experience 
among our hard to breath days

 a glimpse:


I am hearing that the fires will not be out
the snow falls