In the Afternoon Sun

in the afternoon sun
after a gentle rain
near a bubbling brook
where the deer do reign
breathe air pristine
lifting flowers scents
offering fragrance of
fairyslippers breath


a wild and tiny orchid
lives under the canopy of forest
a rare and delightful beauty
but do not step too close
for though it has a heavenly scent
you may damage its fragile roots
and then it will not grow back next year


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Listening to the Subtle Voices

have you considered
listening to the subtle voices
the ones in the wind
that are kin
to the floating of the clouds
that are kin
to those sprouting from the soil
that are kin
to the swaying of the trees
that are kin
to those walking upon earth
that are kin
to whom fly in the sky
that are kin
to the mountains rising high
that are kin

to the heart in your chest
and all life
to each drop of mist
like a kiss
they are kin

to the seasons as they dance
also kin

have you considered how listening to the subtle voices
would touch your heart
and mind
how it would move you as you walk
and you talk
have you considered

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Conk Dripping

sun dances upon morning
as a kiss of light
waking birds bugs and me
revealing glistening drops
hanging from a conk on a tree

the next day
no more dripping drops:



Light is Not Shy

light is not shy
it's for our eyes
fills our sky
takes delight
as it offers glimpses of
our miniature and vast world

to sit with light
as though your intimate lover
to open and blend
a joyful friend
is to enter a timeless realm

light offers our world
in a mix of colors
texture and even shade
taken to heart
bodies and spirits are fed

beauty in the form of light and dew
is visiting today

dewdrops on tiny moss



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Celebrating Mama's and Their Cubs ~

Look Up, Way Up High! 

look up
way up high
in the branches
that mingle with sky
perhaps you'll spy
a mama bear
with her cubs
up there

mama mama
where you going?
we want to come
and play down there!

Soon they will
descend that tall tall tree
and roam the earth with you and me

 I regret not having taken ONE photo of just how VERY tall this tree is!
I am guessing they are denning 50 Feet above the earth. 
I did indeed see the mama bear crawl out of the hole and climb
down the tree and wander about.

As you can see one of the cubs attempted following the mama down
before scurrying back into their den. I am guessing
that any day they will be brave enough to make the journey
to the earth below.


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