Montana, the big and the small

finding fairy slippers 

drove into the forest

on a dirt road that was new to me
look at what i found:

tiny forest violets:

it is about the colors and light:

coming in for a landing
Canada geese:

glimpses of the big and the small
forest floor and sky above
earth and water
animals and plants
spring in Montana


Montana Spring Flowers and Macros

sweet little bell
flowers of the kinnikinnick
so happy to see you

darling of the forest

curly bit of bark
upon a mossy carpet

mandala of tiny flowers
called Mountain lover
so tiny the flowers could nearly be missed

the details of cedar
a joy to behold

Red Twinberry
sweet spring flowers
above and below

so lovely to be finding flowers again

baby cone and needles of the Tamarack Tree
aka Western Larch
lovely earth day to one and all
today and forever


Snow Geese and Glimpses of Life

I heard their wings overhead

they flew in circles amongst the clouds of the sky

then flew off 
returned again

beautiful Snow Geese

people are saying: 
this is the first year I have seen them here

a snow capped glimspe
while on a hike

a more intimate glimpse
(arrowroot balsam)

busy bee nesting on my friends log cabin

spring flowers
be still my heart



The Crown of the Continent

this area is called:
The Crown of the Continent

driving up the North Fork
taking to heart the Rocky Mountain Range

the mountain peaks truly appear like a crown
upon the land

I was there a few days
and the blue of the sky was different each day

our planet



Frosty Buttercups

some mornings are frosty

glistening in gentle morning light

petals opening to recieve

some still sleepy and gently stretching to awaken to the day

sun turns frost to water drops

dressing petals in watery gems of light

last night
a Great Gray Owl 
swooshed through the yard to land on this tree, joy.


Spring Drive, Flathead Lake Montana

to behold a tree in nature
is a joy indeed

I drove around Flathead lake yesterday
it is the largest natural freshwater lake in the 
western US

 i found a few yellow bells sunbathing

clouds danced in the sky
cloaked mountain peaks
then would disappear
only to return in new shapes

 these flowers are so tiny
i nearly missed seeing them

the sun shone down on us
warmed the land
trees budding catkins

is a beautiful thing