Spring: A Single Day

imagine my surprise
when i woke to 2 fresh inches of snow
and more drifting down

it poured rain yesterday
and last night,
but SNOW
it never occurred that it might snow

yesterday it looked like a rain forest
today snow scattered on the earth

lilacs cloaked in white

then the sun came out to play
melted most the snow away

vultures drying out their wings

 arnica bathing in sunlight

(time to mow my lawn)

sunset in all it's glory
serenaded by a pack of coyotes and deer running through the meadow

all these images taken today
spring snow


Stories held in the Stones of our World

the stories that rocks do hold

yes, quite old

planet earth leans this way then that

rivers and streams forming clay
shapes remain

layers upon layers
holding secrets of time

if you know any of the secrets or stories these Montana rocks hold
feel free to share them in your comments


Fairy Slippers and Friends

above are beginning stages of the lovely Calypso wild Orchid
known as the Fairy Slipper

this tiny forest flower
has won my heart with it's smiling face
and unique beauty
some more early spring flowers,  
Spring Beauty:
Pussy Willows, which the butterflies love:

Spring flowers are such a joy