Stories held in the Stones of our World

the stories that rocks do hold

yes, quite old

planet earth leans this way then that

rivers and streams forming clay
shapes remain

layers upon layers
holding secrets of time

if you know any of the secrets or stories these Montana rocks hold
feel free to share them in your comments


  1. It is very difficult to know how to interpret what we mean nature, if she wants to tell us something.
    Have a good one, Tammie.


  2. Lyrical beauties, each of these!

  3. Rocks are the bread of the crust of Earth. Folded and kneaded into a whole baker's shop of delights. The mixed fruit in the dough are the crystals, the sea shells, petrified wood and fossils.
    Love your pictures.

  4. The stories of the rocks are full of colour and texture and hold generations of experience, they talk to us of rivers and winds and animals now extinct. We may look upon them with awe and respect and marvel at their beauty, at the history they contain.
    Tammie,such beautiful colours and markings on these incredible rock formations. I really love the lines and colours and shapes of that last image.

  5. If those rocks could talk...and tell all the stories they have seen...when we are gone..they will still be there...Nature is fantastic!

  6. just love the pattern & texture in these beauties tammie... lovely!

  7. Great post, beautiful shots.

  8. These rocks look divine! Full of winds, water, snow, sun warmth, wing shadows, lizards' steps, light, darkness, smells and fragrances... We can only guess what they have seen or heard, but they give some kind of security to us, I think!
    Great photos!!!

    P.S. I answered your comment in my blog.

  9. AnonymousMay 19, 2013

    Your work is wonderful!
    The stones speak and you know them listen ...
    Tammie, I really like this kind of pictures as retailers.
    I worship the stones ...
    A kiss.

  10. I love all these natural patterns!

  11. AnonymousMay 19, 2013

    These are beautiful photos and would make a very interesting study for a geologist.

  12. Gorgeous, ancient stone....begs to be touched and revered :)

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous rocks! Especially love the bright orange lichen. I've been so busy, I've neglected my walks in nature... time to get back out there. :)
    You've got some wonderful country up there... I hope to get back again someday soon.

  14. Magníficas texturas. Cores fantásticas!

  15. Helllloooo my friend. Wow it seems your world is waking up too and providing us with the most beautiful gifts.

    And your son and his wife LOOK STUNNING. Is she wearing cowboy boots....hilarious and wonderful!!!! Send them my congratulations and I wish for them to have a happy and long loving life together. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Dagmar

  16. What amazing photos. I lived in NM for a few years and we would see seashells embedded in the rock on the high desert...amazing!

  17. Tammie, These are inspiring images and magnificent colors and forms. I should love to learn more of the history and the "stories held" within them. Beautiful!!

  18. ...I love looking at rocks, and you have beautiful photos of them. The lichens are so cool and bright! I love all the striations too.

  19. Oh! Fantastic rocks and photos!! =)
    I always think it's so interesting with traces in the rocks.. and the lichen.. so beautiful..

    I say.. if the rocks could speak.. :)) there is a whole history in them.. antic..


  20. the last photo..
    I can see several faces there.. =)

  21. Your photos and legends of rocks are magnificent :)

  22. I believe they might just be whispering "Tammie, we love you and how you see us just as we are."


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