Spring: A Single Day

imagine my surprise
when i woke to 2 fresh inches of snow
and more drifting down

it poured rain yesterday
and last night,
but SNOW
it never occurred that it might snow

yesterday it looked like a rain forest
today snow scattered on the earth

lilacs cloaked in white

then the sun came out to play
melted most the snow away

vultures drying out their wings

 arnica bathing in sunlight

(time to mow my lawn)

sunset in all it's glory
serenaded by a pack of coyotes and deer running through the meadow

all these images taken today
spring snow


  1. What DO you mean you have to mow your lawn?? It isn't even knee high yet.
    I saw your first shot and thought 'what the . . .? Your poor lilacs but snow is not nearly as bad as hail or a bad frost. They should still come into their full beauty.
    With all that said, the snow is rather magical with the fresh green leafage of the deciduous trees.
    Mother nature has a right to be a bit erratic sometimes.

  2. Did you know that "snow" is actually a 4 letter word?

  3. Ack! It dropped from 22C(72F) down to 6C(45F) in the course of a just a few hours from this morning to the afternoon. Snow never even crossed my mind.. until now. Still your photos are lovely. Nature is an odd trickster sometimes.

  4. Good grief, snow. We always expect snow here in Alberta too, even in June. Don't feel bad about your lawn. My lawn looked like that this weekend too. With all of your trees, the long grass looks like it belongs, like grass should look in a forest, so big deal. Besides, the grass caught the snow and kept the moisture from blowing away!

    Dreamy photos, and lovely light, as usual!


  5. AnonymousMay 23, 2013

    wow, that must have been a surprise! the lilac and snow photo is just amazing, love the contrast in colors.

    Happy Weekend Tammie, G

  6. AnonymousMay 23, 2013

    Thanks for posting the beautiful photos! I saw on the news that you folks had snow up your way. I'm jealous, but we did manage just a little rain.

  7. What a beautiful home! The landscape is gorgeous and what amazing things to witness in a day. Thank you for sharing the beauty of this place.

  8. It seems you got several seasons in one day! The snow does look so pretty against the fresh green of spring. I hope the lilac got nothing more than a slight surprise and was able to resume its loveliness when the sun came out! That little mushroom poking out of the snow is looks a little surprised, but the green leaves around seem to be reassuring it and saying: 'it's only a little joke from winter, lift up your little head'!
    What a lovely cabin nestled in the woods and that sunset to bid you goodnight!

  9. It sounds like Kansas--weather changing daily !!!! What beautiful photos you took of your "crazy weather". Love the evening sky too--beautiful. Mickie :)

  10. AnonymousMay 24, 2013

    Spring snow can be so lovely! Wonderful shots.

  11. That is incredible, Tammie!
    You have half spring where you are and it looks kind of strange to see the lilac out with snow on it.
    Lovely to visit here again and to see your wee cabin in the snow, it has been a long time since my last visit. I must be more sorted in future with blogging.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Love the pink sunset too!
    Have a great weekend.
    Jo .x

  12. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, magical, very special spring day with all of us.


  13. AnonymousMay 24, 2013

    What a year, huh?
    The mountains in Maine might get some snow on Sunday!

    BTW, what lovely spring shots.


  14. Hello, TAMMIE LEE.

    Lovely and heartwarming your works..

    Thank you for your visit.
    I thank for your usual and hearty support.
    The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  15. TAMMIE LEE? THIS IS YOU, THE ARTIST? I had no idea you lived here! And I DO believe snow at this time of year because just two weeks ago, we had snow too! We are barely starting to experience spring and blooms on the lilac and crabapple!

    You have a gorgeous paradise to enjoy. And thank you for visiting! Have a creative day my friend, Anita

  16. What a surprise! These images are all SO beautiful. Mother Nature does amazing things. Thank you for sharing, and happy weekend!

  17. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of this interesting weather and landscape. I've never seen snow on lilac......a first time for everything!

    Happy weekend!

  18. Oh but what a pristinely beautiful fleeting moment , snow on the lilacs ! I love seeing your healing arnica bringing itself into the light. What gorgeous echantingly pink sky! Turkey vultures drying their feathers always so interesting to watch them do this . AHh and your lovely lovely little cabin. All of this calls to me and a little Catskill Mountain hideaway we love to visit. Such beauty you have shared.

  19. Lilacs in the snow! What a surprise! Beautiful photos.

  20. Snow in May???
    This is awesome ... enhances the beauty of the landscape.
    I'll help you cut the lawn?
    A kiss friend!
    You live in a wonderful place ...

  21. I was last summer in Whitefish and ... as I said, is one of the world's most beautiful towns I've seen.


  22. Dear Tammie,

    It does look enchanting but cold! We have had tons of rain too and tonight it will go down to 35 degrees. I hope we do not get any snow. The end of the week it will be in the high 80's. What a roller coaster ride. Beautiful photos of your world there . . . I love the first one with the tall thin trees and reflection in the water. I am glad it was only a light snowfall for your landscape's sake.

  23. I heard you were to get late snow Tammie, it's been the same over here in a few isolated places.
    With the group last week in Ireland we got four seasons in one.
    Wonderful pictures.

  24. Ohhh, snow!! that's really odd.. I can understand you got surprised when you woke up!! =O
    but I'm glad the sun was able to melt it away..

    Lovely photos Tammie! :)

  25. Fabulous Tammy! I can almost smell the mountain air. I miss that about living out west, the air was so fresh and pure in the mountains. So you spotted 2 bear? My neighbors saw a black bear crossing our road last week, but we SHOULDN'T have bear here, in farm country. I think he was lost!

  26. such lovely moments and touching images and what a surprise: spring snow - sometimes I thought winter last forever this year.

    hugs to you.


  27. TL - and here I was thinking you had summer about to happen - spring can be so fickle - wanter wants to hold on and summer wants to take over - such a mini battle. Beautiful images. Thanks. B

  28. Ha Tammie,
    Een natuur verschijnsel sneeuw in de lente.
    je beelden zijn prachtig,hier geen sneeuw maar veel regen en het ziet grijs.
    Ik wens je een zonne groetje.

  29. ~good morning my friend...a beautiful walk through your spring snow filled woods...the weather seems to be so confused as of late...here the rain has been falling and falling...lucky are we when we get a glimpse of mr. sun...hope your days are warming up...much love light and blessings~


  30. Hello, Tammie Lee.

      Lovely your works, full of joy.

      Thank you World-wide LOVE, and your Support.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  31. who could stop herself (;-]) from wandering these places you photograph?! no one, i think.


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