Montana Glimpses

some trees have dropped their leaves
a perfect perch for a
Bald Eagle

some trees still cloaked in their golds

leaves float upon the pond

last night 
was the first night 
that the ponds froze

these beautiful flowers celebrating life
in front of the health food store
not sure how many frosts they can exist through

autumn beckons life to sink below the surface of the earth
to rest deeply
till next year

I am enjoying the last of autumns
fungal beauty



DC: Cover

under the cover of shade
and light

a red leaf 

under cover
protection of branches
a mushroom dries
changing form and chemical
to become just right food

the squirrel
under cover of golden Tamarack needles and branches
nearly hidden in shade

eating a dry mushroom

under cover
of the thick forest
a rosy mushroom thrives
bathed in soft evening light

under the cover of clouds
light gently caresses

Lovely Ariane has hosted DC this weekend 
with the theme: Cover
for me, what is held, covered, protected
came to mind

thank you Ariane


Fungi Fruiting

violet gills
brilliant green
fabulous together

nearly hidden by autumn debris

wild and wonderful expressions

had to share some autumn foliage

it's a family affair
• ♫♫♫•

so fun to find mushrooms I have never seen
these orange balls were tiny

been finding many in trees
(such good fun)

this has been a colorful autumn!


Sacred Geometry in Nature

this is the time of year
when wasps nests have been vacated
where wind and rain loosen these artful bits
from where they were built

one can find their paper shells
these inner workings
upon the earthen floor of sylvan landscapes

a few days ago
when i was planting the Rowan tree
i heard a commotion
a squirrel chatting in a fitful manner
then a new sound
i looked to see what i think was a mink run across my bridge

in it's slinky movement
it ran
up and over logs and trees
then down the dirt road

later i noticed at the base of a tree
three fresh holes dug
too large for our little tree squirrels
ah, it must have been that mink
i looked in the freshly dug dirt
found bits of underground bee or wasp nest

see above, the tiny beautiful structure
i sat it on top of one that is usually found in the trees
the large one is some sort of wasp nest

above is the back side of the small one

above is a different one i found
I find them to be so beautiful
similar to paper, cardboard or such

when the sun shines through
something ancient seems revealed

an enduring order
and beauty