Rising from Your Heart of Hearts

rising from your heart of hearts
lives a song
that is all yours
trust the wisdom of it's gait
let it's melody permeate
find that it does decorate
in multitudes of gesture

rising from your heart of hearts
your quintessential song

Both of these wild flowers are wonderfully unique from one another. 
I love their awesome details, wild and fringy is one and the other, well look at those colorful spots:


Tangible Warning

they appeared
majestic in beauty and muscle
above our heads on summer cliffs
blue sky
green  flora
framed them superbly

their gaze landed on us with concern
in turn this should have concerned us
yet we watched with joy to see them

two elders came down the cliffs toward us
sent the younger ones far around

as they neared 
a force quite tangible
beamed from their eyes and forehead
warning us to back off
we did
they held us off
until their tribe was far away
lowering their heads to eat


Running Eagle Falls, Montana

to the splendor of our world
opens us to the splendor within

 Running Eagle Falls
near Two Medicine, Glacier National Park, Montana
notice the water flows from the top of the falls
also there is a cave half way down the falls that water pours out of!



imagine how life might be
if we trusted that each breath 
were our destiny

Happy Birthday Annie!