Be Like a Flower

tranquility abounds
penetrating presence

the mind rests
natural view rises
there is only to be
like a flower or a tree
smiling at the sun


Rocky Mountain Majesty

each breath
such richness
an entire universe unto itself
why stray

last week I wandered around the east side of the Rocky mountains in Montana 
and Alberta Canada

this photo was taken at Many Glacier Montana

the above poem is written by my dear friend Neil Cohen

for me it is profound



The Colors of Rocks Water and Air

our world
our planet
expresses a depth of beauty
that stirs my life
deeply and to the surface
inspires my breath to meet the respiration of life
with vitality
with presence
with appreciation

to inhale the air that rises from these bubbles
to know I breath air stirred by glacial melt
is a gift enormous

air is something we all share 

earth and stones the clay our bodies rise from
rocks our brothers and sisters
care something to be on the surface of our flesh
for to care for our family is essential