The season of bears and flowers ~

Wandering the woods, breathing with trees, photographing spring treasures, I heard a unique scrambling sound. 
One is wise to take note of sounds while in the wilds of this NW corner of Montana. 
For we live with the critters of fairy tales. 
Looking in the direction of the sound I saw a black bear scurrying up a tall conifer tree, bark flying as she did. 
Since she was kind of far and up a tree I snapped a few photos. 

But really, she got up that tree so fast, she could have gotten to me before I knew what was happening. 

Later I learned that my camera captured her two little cubs! She had sent her cubs to safety and followed after them. 

A good bear encounter!

Each May, when wandering the woods, my eyes scan the forest floor for fairy slippers, the calypso orchid. 
 Absolutely thrilling! 

shooting stars

a little past its prime
yet still a thrill to find
the highly sought after morel mushroom

moss is growing
and so beautiful up close!



Honoring Glacier Lilies

we hiked up a boulder strewn canyon
boulders larger by far than us

boulders covered in lichen and moss

when we got to the cliffs above
we were greeted in spring flowers!

lovely glacier lilies

our natural world is sublime