The season of bears and flowers ~

Wandering the woods, breathing with trees, photographing spring treasures, I heard a unique scrambling sound. 
One is wise to take note of sounds while in the wilds of this NW corner of Montana. 
For we live with the critters of fairy tales. 
Looking in the direction of the sound I saw a black bear scurrying up a tall conifer tree, bark flying as she did. 
Since she was kind of far and up a tree I snapped a few photos. 

But really, she got up that tree so fast, she could have gotten to me before I knew what was happening. 

Later I learned that my camera captured her two little cubs! She had sent her cubs to safety and followed after them. 

A good bear encounter!

Each May, when wandering the woods, my eyes scan the forest floor for fairy slippers, the calypso orchid. 
 Absolutely thrilling! 

shooting stars

a little past its prime
yet still a thrill to find
the highly sought after morel mushroom

moss is growing
and so beautiful up close!



  1. Wonderful finds in your world today. I'm glad Mama Bear had other things on her mind! Those flowers are gorgeous. I forgot about it being morel season around here, what with the virus. They're delicious!

    1. Yes, I think she had making sure her cubs were safe on her mind.
      It is so lovely to see flowers again! Yes, the 3 morels I found went right into dinner. ;-)

  2. ...ohh! Such a beautiful and intimidating sight...you truly do live in the Wild Wood! The the calypso orchid is so beautiful. It must feel like fairies are all around when you're in the woods. :-)

    1. Hi Unknown,
      It is wild, for sure. I lovely the calypso orchids, they are lovely surprises.
      Indeed about the fairies. Do I know you? Your message feels familiar.

  3. That moss is incredible -- I've never seen anything like it before!
    Amazing capture of a mama bear & her cubs, too. And thanks for the survival lesson: in case of an encounter, my (misguided) plan was to head up a tree. Sounds like I need a contingency...

    1. I am loving moss these days. Hoping to photograph more details while it is green and growing. Around here, it is bear spray that is highly recommended.
      Though some will not hike without a gun. Injuring a bear is not going to stop them.... bear spray for me. Hoping to never have to use it!

  4. Dear Tammie - You showed us another proof of Fairy Land with Bear family, praying Morel Mushroom, Fairy Slippers, Shooting Stars, and the universe of growing moss. I’m amazed at how high a bear can climb up. I smiled to know mother’s behavior toward her cubs.


    1. The bears climbed the tree so fast! Yes, she is a good mamma.
      Spring really is like a fairy land!

  5. Are the cubs in one of these photos? I guess this the the year of the bear for you. I see where you get your inspiration beautiful scenery and lovely plants. Take care!

    1. Hi Sandy,

      The cubs are not in these photos. You can see them in the video on FB. On my page.
      Some people have said they can not see them. I think it is best to see it on an iPad or computer, not a phone. Still pretty hard to see.

      Yes, the world around me is inspiring and sneaks into my art, if that is what you meant.

      Thank you for your message.
      Wishing you health now and always.

  6. You live in heaven! Have you thought of making an exhibition or writing a book with your photos, Tammie? Thus the beauty you've captured will reach more people. I admire your sense of detail and the way you put in words the nature around you.

  7. What a wonderful sight, although you are much braver than I am. Lovely woodland colours. Shooting Stars are one of favourite wildflowers. You do indeed live with the critter of fairy tales.


  8. Beautiful photography Tammie! I love seeing your bear encounters!

  9. Wouldn't that be something to see that bear! That's an awesome photo, Tammie Lee.


  10. Such beautiful photos, I enjoy my visit here so much, I will love to follow your journey!

  11. I Just Love Everything About This Post



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