Late Spring into The Beginning of Summer

It has been a long since posting here. 
I post on Instagram regularly, in case you are interested. 

The male cones of the Lodgepole pines were heavy laden with pollen.
We have had many big storms which brought down seemingly endless trees. 
One of my 6 trees that came down was a pine and a perfect opportunity to harvest pollen and explore super-food medicine making with it. 

I gently shook the branch so you could see how much comes off a gentle shake.
It was a time intensive experience. So lovely to be in the woods, collecting the male cones, serenaded by the birds and amazing scent of pine trees. 

wild orchids are blooming, some have come and gone,
the lovely ladyslipper:

summer light igniting a new born leaf:

a new find along the ponds shore,
I have learned they are snail eggs:

A deer ate that one along with the plant
but there are more
I hope to see the snails arrive
tiny treasures abound

This might be a newborn snail from one of the egg sacks?
It was on the end of a blade of grass

I wish you all a lovely summer. 
I hope to post more often, time will tell. 



  1. I'm sure you must have read the Wild Snail Eating book. It's beautiful. So are these gorgeous images of your world. The pine cones really intrigue me. They looklike pine cones for fairy people! And that lady slipper. I think you DO live in heaven.

    1. No, I have never heard of that book Jeanie, I might have to look it up.
      Yes, male cones are quite different than the females. The females are the wooden looking ones we call pine cones. The pollen nourishes the entire world, vitamins, minerals, hormone support and more. High energy food. I am looking forward to seeing what it does to me ;-).

      Lovely week to you!

  2. Wonderful shots, as always, of the fabulous nature around you! Amazing and abundant pollen, but I do have a very soft spot for that gorgeous newborn leaf! I have been putting up less blog entries of late too, but I would like to increase that a little. Something that feels comfortable, maybe every two weeks feels good!

    1. Yes, blogging seems to have a life of it's own. How much time we want to be on the computer is part of it. I think it is nice to go with the flow. Blog when we want and other things when we want.
      I love that new born leaf too.
      Thank you for enjoying Sandra.

  3. Tincture of pine pollen! Ours has been clouding the forest for a week. I assumed it was bad for me - not good! I even stayed inside (with windows closed) a couple days. Actually, I'm waiting for this weekend's rain to knock more of it down. Our lodge poles are falling this spring - so many behind us came down that it looks like a tree graveyard. Many are drying out and splitting from the pine beetle that moved through several years ago. I'm cautious when hiking in heavily wooded areas when the wind is gusting.I love the snail photos. I remember one of my Grands reading to me about the fact that snail slime can be used as a skin softener. That needs to be your next project, Tammie! Great photos.

    1. Hi Barb,

      If one is allergic to bee pollen then yes, they would not use this as food and medicine. But otherwise it is a super food for the world from what I read. I had no problem harvesting it and it took hours over a few days. I ended up with 5+ cups of pollen. Wahoo. Felt like a pile of gold. Funny that humans decided gold is valuable instead of food, water, healthy soil etc. I have been doing a bit of herbal potions this spring and now summer. Discovered that the gift of the medicine begins with being with the plant and tree. Getting to know it, considering it, making it into something.

      I am sorry to hear about the bark beetle! I have seen homes surrounded in dead trees due to it. I would cut them down and plant more trees, just looks like a death realm to leave them standing dead. And so good you are being careful when it is windy. I had a stick drop out of the sky and hit my head, it was small, but hurt so bad. I can’t imagine something larger. I have ran back to my cabin when the big winds start up. And it seems windier each year since I arrived in Montana. Interesting how weather changes.

      Fun to hear about the snail slime. I don’t think I will try that ;-)

      Lovely day and beyond to you!

  4. The photo with the pollen dust is amazing. It does sound quite wonderful to be in the woods. I specially love the photo of the leaf. Beautiful!


  5. I’ve known about health benefit of pine pollen, but the photo of the pollen made me almost sneeze. There are so many people allergic to cedar pollen in my country, and now I understand some people have allergy to pine pollen to read Barb’s comment. Wild orchids have different unique faces. I saw snail egg for the first time. The egg rested on a petal is so lovely and the new born baby is miraculous. Today it’s raining on and off in my little corner of the world. A snail on a hydrangea leaf is one of the typical views of Japanese rainy season. Enjoy your summertime, Tammie.


  6. You took some great snaps. Thank you for sharing them. You pic of the leaf is beautiful.

  7. Absolutely Stunning Photos - That First One Takes The Cake For Sure - Way Cool



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