in you
infinite new life
creative possibilities
a breath that has never been lived
ever before
empty for stillness to permeate
then inspire
the invisible world
of endless possibilities awaits

to be born
in your breath
your hands
from the depth of your heart
passion of your belly
let the breath of life rise
and animate
abundant possibilities

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Tiny Peeks ~

wee tiny peeks of life
lit up by beams of light
treasures for our eyes
such delight


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Tucked at your Ankles

wind is howling through the forest
reminiscent of a raging river
yet tucked at the ankles of trees
my experience is more the wispy caress
of a breeze

my spirit mingles with the land
like fingers of trickling water
seeping into the earth
hair flying with the wind
makes the sky my dancing friend

dark chocolate and huckleberries in my mouth
I close my eyes
there is nowhere else
I would rather be


Nature as a Spirit Helper

though I feel I share quite intimately with you all
I tame the private details
between a mix of lack of sleep
and emotional challenge
I was a wreck

at my lowest....
I picked myself up and headed to the woods
feeling my sadness
feeling the air
scents inhaled
light offered colors
and shapes
creatures offered sound
as music
company of trees
caressed by the wind
moist earth for substance
my spirit lifted within moments

my dedication to Spirithelpers
for truly
the presence of our natural world
has the ability to uplift the human spirit
it is a perfect marriage
how lovely

all is well
simply the human journey

Happy Birthday Annie!
Wishing you a year of days that feel wonderful to you~
with love,