Solace with Trees

There is a greatness in the
stance of a tree.
The way it is rooted in the earth
it's branches, fingers
mingling with the sky.
The way it sways
with the wind.
A tree is home
shelter from the sun
rain and snow
for so many.

I find solace
in it's stance
for I am reminded
of a path
to find peace
grounded strength
and life
within myself.

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Beach Beauty

At this time I do not live near the ocean or a sea, but lakes have beaches too! Still the photos I share here are from beaches in New Zealand, where I once wandered for six months. The cave photo above was taken on a very popular beach on the South Island. When I arrived early that morning I was the first person there. The waves had washed the sand smooth, not a footstep in sight, I was in heaven!

I discovered that beaches in New Zealand were covered with different treasures. One might have white sand, another more green, some on the dark side. Shells of varied shapes, colors and sizes. Stones that were smooth and polished, others rough. It was a delight to wander from one beach to another finding the unique treasures each has to offer.

This round sphere was a very heavy rock that I found just where you see it, on the shore of the ocean. I would have liked to take it home with me, but instead I took it's photo.

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Endless Beauty!

Weather reports sounded optimum, sunny, warm days with gentle breezes. Time to go camping. Packed the van for a three day trip, awoke to the sound of fat drops of rain pounding on the metal roof. Golden morning sunlight sliding between dark clouds. Hum, what will this trip bring? As the morning unfolded, the sky was a mix of blue and gray dabbled with fluffy, puffy artsy clouds, the kind that make my heart spin with joy. The unexpected weather somehow ignited excitement in my heart for my journey into the majestic Glacier National Park.

The clouds darken and rain falls on warm cement, fog rises from the Going to the Sun road creating a feeling of mystery and intrigue. The air is absolutely divine, a mix of sweet flowers, rain and air that makes me feel alive.

Glacier Lily:

I'm starting to think it is the light that has inspired/created the photographer in me. The way clouds cover the sun making the earth dark and then a ray of light finds its way through and lights up a dash of snow on a mountain and my heart ignites as though it has extra life in it than the moment before.

Arriving at the height of Logan Pass the dark clouds disappear as though the peaks of the mountains required the blue skies and white of puffy clouds. The majesty of views is breath taking, with an abundance of waterfalls, flowers and wildlife, inspiring a feeling that all is right in the world.

Summer is green and lush in Montana, and Logan pass still has plenty of snow. I feel as though I stepped back into the beginning of spring. I could have brought my xc skis. The hike up was fun in the slush. The views were a gift to behold.

The above shot was with the rising sun at Many Glacier, talk about a picture perfect morning! The air was crisp and invigorating, simply glorious.

I personally am not one to rent horses for a trail ride, but I could not resist this shot. Horses and Montana just go together.

The trails and roadsides were covered with flowers! I was amazed at the splash of color every where. I will post more over the next few days, but here is a sample:

Saint John's-wort:

The lovely Penstemon:

Natural Heart

Walking on the beach in New Zealand, I came upon this HUGE driftwood heart.
This next image shows you how I found it:

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Spotted Saxifrage

I have just returned from three days and two nights in glorious Glacier National Park. To my delight the days were warm, skies were blue with clouds of white. Waterfalls flowing, lakes massive and flowers colored the earth in glory! Seriously, every color of flower and so so many! Nights were cool with a full moon traveling through the sky.

There is one flower that I saw two years ago and when I took it's portrait I did not do it justice. I have been waiting to find it in my wanderings ever since. It is very tiny and something about the cone like center against the petals and polka dots that makes this little creature a challenge to shoot in focus.

I came across this little beauty, just one patch of it this trip. The wind was blowing, I don't use a tripod, macro lens is heavy = all shots might be out of focus. To my delight I love the images I took of the fanciful little Spotted Saxifrage.

Rocky Mountain Snow Ghosts

When I saw the prompt for Sunday Scribblings: 'GHOST', my eyes lit up with excitement "what will I write about?". Then my friend Annie mentioned our friend Abigail Folk's recently published book: Rocky Mountain Snow Ghosts ! Yes, I want to share this book with you all. It is a children's book and Abigail did the illustrations, they are absolutely charming!

High in our mountains during winter wonderland time of year our trees become covered with snow and rime (heavy drops of ice). Layer upon layer of snow and ice build up to create trees that look like beings and creatures known as 'Snow Ghosts'.

The first time and to this day, when I see snow ghosts I feel enchanted by their amazing shapes and enormous size! Here are two images from my first time with the lovely ghosts, the first image is our ski mountain, Whitefish Mountain Resort, formerly known as "Big Mountain", the view looks out over the Rocky Mountains:


Moni comes to Montana

Last week a dear friend traveled up from California. We spent two nights under the stars, sleeping next to a lusty creek. The land coated in lush green plants and abundant with wild flowers. We did a day hike through a forest to an enormous raging waterfall and enjoyed campfires at night. In the afternoon we headed to the creek to relax and let Moni soak her healing foot (recently kicked by a horse) in the icy water that ran over the beauty of the pink and purple rocks. As we sat, she read and I drew a picture of the beauty of our time together.

For me, time with loved ones is precious.

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My Oldest Friend

I was twelve years old and in sixth grade. Twas a sunny blue skied school day. We were an hour into class when a new girl walked in. She had wavy dark hair, a round face with big beautiful eyes. More than her looks, what is vivid in my memory is a spark that ignited in the center of my heart as she strolled into class. It was a feeling of recognition. I knew we would be friends.

Let me say a bit about the sensation of that spark. It felt tiny, illuminated in white and golden light, made of the same breath that all life rises from - yet condensed, powerful and ignited as a small explosion, yet big enough so that I could not miss it's existence.

Perhaps the sparks meaning is: get to know this person. Or perhaps it is: an energetic connection between two people that is full of chemistry. For me, when I experience this spark, I feel that I have known this person through eternity, they already live in my heart, the rest will fall into place naturally.

I have experienced this with many of my good friends. When it happens now I am always curious as to what our future holds. The first time I remember this happening is with my oldest friend.

The first few years of our friendship Donna and I hung with different crowds. She was wild and rebellious to societies ways. I was quiet and full of day dreams, rebellious in a different way. Our so called associates did not 'get' our connection- but we did. When we visited our talks were deep and meaningful.

Donna moved an hour away, yet we stayed in touch, never letting much time pass between letters, phone conversations or visits. Today, 38 years later, we live even further away and yet we are still the dearest of friends.

Photo by: Ed Kennedy
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Swan Valley, Montana

Summer days are here. Warm with blues skies and clouds that inspire day dreams. I find life full of critters bustling about, giving birth, eating and thriving. Camping calls to my heart and I cherish every moment.

Perfect Day:

Raising their hooves high as they walked,
I could hear the horses sloshing through water in this tall grass:

Flower Crab Spider
very cleaverly awaits its prey on this Mariposa Lily:

Holland Lake and the Mission Mountains:

Hoping to be fed:

Three turtles and a duck,

An award and THREE more!

It has been a while since I have posted here, life has been full of summer activity. I am even behind on return phone calls to loved ones. In the past two weeks I have gone camping twice. Camping also equals business trip equals 'photo shoot'! There are art shows to sell my photography at, mowing the luscious green grass here, keeping up with editing, the list goes on and on. Fun summer busyness!

Back to the awards. The first two came to me on my first camping trip.
Herbalist and artist, Rosemarie over at 'What I Made Today' honored me with the first award Art Y Pico.
The lovely sisters, Alberta and Ava gave me another Arte y Pico award the next day!
During my next wandering in the wild the next two came to me:
The wonderful artist Kathy Hare gave me the Brillante Weblog award, and
the NEXT day Bobo Cat another wonderful and whimsical artist honored me with the same award.
Yes that is right, four awards in one week.

First I would like to Thank each of you for honoring me with this kind of love! My heart is shimmering with appreciation, especially since this is coming from such talented artists!
Next I am going to be real human here and apologize for not passing these awards on and sharing some of the blog artists that I enjoy so much. I am overwhelmed at the thought of finding 24 people to give these awards to! I am going to bow out and say I can not do this now.

I would like to inspire anyone reading this to visit the four blogs above, each one is rich with beauty and endless talent and inspirations!