Endless Beauty!

Weather reports sounded optimum, sunny, warm days with gentle breezes. Time to go camping. Packed the van for a three day trip, awoke to the sound of fat drops of rain pounding on the metal roof. Golden morning sunlight sliding between dark clouds. Hum, what will this trip bring? As the morning unfolded, the sky was a mix of blue and gray dabbled with fluffy, puffy artsy clouds, the kind that make my heart spin with joy. The unexpected weather somehow ignited excitement in my heart for my journey into the majestic Glacier National Park.

The clouds darken and rain falls on warm cement, fog rises from the Going to the Sun road creating a feeling of mystery and intrigue. The air is absolutely divine, a mix of sweet flowers, rain and air that makes me feel alive.

Glacier Lily:

I'm starting to think it is the light that has inspired/created the photographer in me. The way clouds cover the sun making the earth dark and then a ray of light finds its way through and lights up a dash of snow on a mountain and my heart ignites as though it has extra life in it than the moment before.

Arriving at the height of Logan Pass the dark clouds disappear as though the peaks of the mountains required the blue skies and white of puffy clouds. The majesty of views is breath taking, with an abundance of waterfalls, flowers and wildlife, inspiring a feeling that all is right in the world.

Summer is green and lush in Montana, and Logan pass still has plenty of snow. I feel as though I stepped back into the beginning of spring. I could have brought my xc skis. The hike up was fun in the slush. The views were a gift to behold.

The above shot was with the rising sun at Many Glacier, talk about a picture perfect morning! The air was crisp and invigorating, simply glorious.

I personally am not one to rent horses for a trail ride, but I could not resist this shot. Horses and Montana just go together.

The trails and roadsides were covered with flowers! I was amazed at the splash of color every where. I will post more over the next few days, but here is a sample:

Saint John's-wort:

The lovely Penstemon:


  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2008

    Your photos are beautiful!

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2008

    Oh Tammie - your photographs lift my spirit and invite me to come to nature and see for myself what I'm missing living in the city. I'm drooling for fresh air, green grasses and flowers. xoxoxo D

  3. What humbling scenery.
    The gradation from warm forground to cool background in the 1st photo is beautiful.

  4. Your photographs really are inspiring. Thanks for sharing them. I was up in the mountains (old mountains, not tremendous peaks like yours) this weekend and was awed by the beauty.

    It's so hard to capture that feeling in photo, but you have something in yours. Gorgeous.

  5. These photos are STUNNING! I can feel the crispness in the air through your lens.

  6. Thank you for taking us with you on this beautiful hike in the Montana mountains. It is landscape I hope to experience in person one days (again?).

    And you remind me of two of my cousin's horses . . . retired from the trails of Montana living now in beautiful pastures along the shore of Seneca Lake in NY.

    (With a horse barn "nicer" than my home!)

    Have a beautiful day!

  7. Thank you all for your taking in the beauty of nature! It inspires me to share and share and share.

    Walk in the woods,
    So interesting to consider the life of your cousins horses. Living as a trail horse in one of the most beautiful lands of MT then retiring to a home that is perhaps more comfy $ beautiful than most people ever have. Such an interesting world we live in!

  8. The photographs are stunning!

  9. Still my favorite place to camp in all the world. Can't wait to take my wife and son up there some day.

  10. Oh, it IS all about the light. My heart soars when I see the good light, in the clouds, the skies, the shadows.

  11. wow, living in london, this looks like pure bliss.

  12. Awesome! Those photos are stunningly beautiful! I love mountains - here I can almost smell the fresh air! Invigorating!

  13. What a wonderful camping trip! You are so gifted in photography! so beautiful! and the way in which you look through your heart, comes through your camera lens! just stunning and uplifting

  14. thanks Tammie
    that pic with the butterfly is one I took myself! the monarch just came and landed and almost waited for me to capture its beauty...It was luck not skill..but thanks

  15. AnonymousJuly 28, 2008

    tammie, i am awestruck by the beauty of those photos. they are breathtaking! how i'd love to be there right this moment :-)

    as for the link, i am very happy to be on your list. thank you, tammie.
    i have some updating to do as well. i've only bookmarked my favorites (yours included) but i just realized i haven't posted the links on my blog yet.

  16. Thank you for this peek into your trip. We really need to get out of ourselves sometimes and into nature. When you are surrounded by all this beauty it gives perspective on life. The stress of city living, war, the economy, all of it just falls away. Thanks for giving me a little respite right here on my computer. It is like a breath of fresh air.

  17. You certainly have an eye of beauty Tammie. Glacier is a land of endless beauty in so many ways. I have visited there three times, and each time brings me a sense of peace and joy.


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