An award and THREE more!

It has been a while since I have posted here, life has been full of summer activity. I am even behind on return phone calls to loved ones. In the past two weeks I have gone camping twice. Camping also equals business trip equals 'photo shoot'! There are art shows to sell my photography at, mowing the luscious green grass here, keeping up with editing, the list goes on and on. Fun summer busyness!

Back to the awards. The first two came to me on my first camping trip.
Herbalist and artist, Rosemarie over at 'What I Made Today' honored me with the first award Art Y Pico.
The lovely sisters, Alberta and Ava gave me another Arte y Pico award the next day!
During my next wandering in the wild the next two came to me:
The wonderful artist Kathy Hare gave me the Brillante Weblog award, and
the NEXT day Bobo Cat another wonderful and whimsical artist honored me with the same award.
Yes that is right, four awards in one week.

First I would like to Thank each of you for honoring me with this kind of love! My heart is shimmering with appreciation, especially since this is coming from such talented artists!
Next I am going to be real human here and apologize for not passing these awards on and sharing some of the blog artists that I enjoy so much. I am overwhelmed at the thought of finding 24 people to give these awards to! I am going to bow out and say I can not do this now.

I would like to inspire anyone reading this to visit the four blogs above, each one is rich with beauty and endless talent and inspirations!


  1. Congratulations on the awards. Be as human as you want. Award winners shouldn't have to work harder upon receipt - they should go to Disneyworld, or in your case, someplace glorious to camp.

  2. Pascual,
    thank you for your support by understanding! Yes celebrate with a good camp, I feel one happening later in the week!


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