A day in the Park, Glacier National Park


along the waters edge

find mystery and majesty

miracles and frozen things

crystalline beauty and charming ice

certainly a lovely paradise 

along the waters edge



Late Autumn


I returned home to find her laying in the sun. I love seeing the furry natives of this land. 

 autumn snow
autumn rain
nature's beauty

morning light begins to paint the world

remembering early autumn 
with this family of fungi

I love seeing the fox as they pass through.... never staying long. 
Which is true of all the wildlife.... 
they are on the move.
Looking at these photos, 
autumn sure does have a color theme.


Autumn turns to Winter

A week ago

I walked along a river, the sun was out, it was lovely and warm. There were rocks cuddled in moss. 

The previous snow had melted away,

it felt like autumn again.

 Western larch, though fading, 

still appeared as golden torches lighting up the mountains.

This seed pod was maybe an inch long. 

I have no idea what plant it is. This close up shows me details my eyes could not see. I am mesmerized at the design for protecting and sending off it's seeds. 

Let me know if you know what it is. 

For two days it has been snowing.

It is a winter wonderland out there.
I plowed for the first time of the season. 

The little birds are busy as can be, 

collecting seeds and seem happy as can be.

I never know who I will see when I look out the window!





3 weeks of Warm Sunny Autumn, now Snow....

 (female nuthatch on edible Chicken of the Woods fungi)

 Autumn began with beautiful sunny days

autumn colors turned the world magical

Rains arrived

after the storm, the mountains would breathe and make clouds

Went on a mushroom foray,

a great way to learn (with a teacher)

and found my first Chanterelles! Yum

and others......

Took a high mountain road looking for fungi

in the rain that turned to snow. 

At times I wondered if my van would disappear into the flooded road.

We have lovely neighbor hood fox

cloaked in autumn colors.

Trees wore their magical colors:

pink, red, amber, peach and golds.

Over a couple of months

I gathered a little flock of birds for daily company

Then the snow arrived

3 snowfalls so far




Autumn Glory

 Autumn is simply showing off this year!

These photos were taken last week in Glacier National Park

it has been a long time since I have seen it like this, golden and glowing

Blue skies, no smoke

(though we did have smoke from other states fires recently)

drove to the top of Logan Pass

where the views change ones heart and breath

the colors sometimes come and go quite swiftly, 

this year though they are moving right along, yet also lingering 

I hope you are enjoying your autumn, or spring depending on where you are in the world.

Nature does have the ability to balance the whackiness of humans....

at least for me......

I hope for you too.





Sweet Little Nuthatch


About a year ago I slowly beckoned little birds to come to my hand for seed. This spring nesting season arrived & they took to the trees to nest and feast on insects, (all but three birds that is). Now that nesting season is over my little flock is slowly growing.