3 weeks of Warm Sunny Autumn, now Snow....

 (female nuthatch on edible Chicken of the Woods fungi)

 Autumn began with beautiful sunny days

autumn colors turned the world magical

Rains arrived

after the storm, the mountains would breathe and make clouds

Went on a mushroom foray,

a great way to learn (with a teacher)

and found my first Chanterelles! Yum

and others......

Took a high mountain road looking for fungi

in the rain that turned to snow. 

At times I wondered if my van would disappear into the flooded road.

We have lovely neighbor hood fox

cloaked in autumn colors.

Trees wore their magical colors:

pink, red, amber, peach and golds.

Over a couple of months

I gathered a little flock of birds for daily company

Then the snow arrived

3 snowfalls so far




  1. Ohhbeautiful forest pictures!A lovely hike and that fox is a beauty :)))

  2. Beautiful array the nature, thanks Tammie.

    1. Thank you Bob, it was nice seeing your post too.

  3. I wonder if this snow will be your base, Tammie? Your photos are fantastic. I love seeing the bird eating from your hand. Thinking of you and sending hugs from CO.

    1. I wonder too, only time will tell. My ponds are frozen thick, as it was zero F this morning. Can't imagine that thawing out before mid to late spring ;-)

  4. Beautiful Tammie. Does the snow last over the winter now? Impressing that you can feed the birds from your hand👍

    1. Thank you Lasse.
      I love feeding the birds. Hard to do photography at home these days as they follow me around asking for seeds ;-) I can't be upset about that.
      The snow.... time will tell. My guess is that this snow will stay, shrink but stay. We shall see.

  5. Wonderful photography of your beautiful autumn and even the first snowfalls! A handsome fox in his lovely winter coat and those sweet birds to keep you company!

    1. Thank you Sandra.
      The snow is lovely. So cold….. these past few days. The wood stove is humming and keeping me toasty.
      I love having the birds for company. And seeing the fox near daily. Deer wandering through, it is a bit out of a sweet fairytale. We all know fairytales are not always sweet ;-0

      I can feel the spirit of hibernation as poured through me. It happens quite naturally. Makes me relate to a bear, chipmunk and more.

      Sending you a bright smile from my gray cold realm.

  6. Dear Tammie - Now I learned Chanterelles is name of mushroom. It looks so beautiful and delicious and I can feel the fragrance. I know a French restaurant named Les Chanterelles. In my corner of the world, it gets cooler with each rain. These days we are blessed with sunny skies. Autumn colors at your mountain is fabulous. What a joy to have such a cute feathery company! The fox walking on the snow reminded me of a children’s heart-warming story “Buying Mittens”. Stay warm and take care.


    1. Hi Yoko,

      Oh yes, the fragrance of chanterelles! Apricot flowery, I would wear the scent! And delicious! I hope someday you get to try them. They are best fresh. They are also one of the rare mushrooms that does not hold its flavor well when dried. Must cook and freeze for later, if one is lucky enough to have too many.

      Sounds like your autumn is moving right along.... it is such a swift moving season. I wish we had a full 3 months of it....
      I might have to look up that childs book. I hope to put a fox in a painting soon.
      Lovely autumn to you!

  7. snow...ugh not ready. Autumn was beautiful maybe not quite gone.

    1. Yes, the snow did seem to arrive early and the zero degrees at night! But that is ok.
      Snow on autumn leaves has been beautiful.

  8. Beautiful, especially your fox shots.

    1. Thank you for enjoying the fox photos.
      I do love seeing them.

  9. These are gorgeous, each and every one. That fox takes my breath away. (I've been trying and trying to felt a gray fox and it looks more like mouse or a weird dog.) And that mushroom. Oh, Tammie -- you have such a gift for capturing the beauty of the intimacies of everyday life.

  10. I don't mind winter, but snow in October is just a little cruel if you ask me!

    1. Yes, it was a bit surprising to have 3 snowfalls in Oct.

  11. Beautiful photos Tammie, especially the fox!

  12. Well I am home sick now. I had a secrete place in close to my home in N ID where every year the mushrooms were enough to last all year. chantrelles, inkies, and let's not forget the morels. Yummm. Really wonderful photos. I use to bow hunt right in my back yard. OK, I am off to get some sun while it is still here. Enjoy your day.

  13. Tammie,

    How beautiful the first snow.

    Here it is autumn in full.

    Beautiful colors everywhere.

    Enjoy all the beautiful things Tammie.


  14. It's like I step into another world when I look at your photos, Tammie Lee. The colors of Autumn are so lovely around your area. Lots of strange looking fungi that you came across. I love that picture of the leaves in the snow. And that neighborhood fox must like you, as he keeps coming around. : )



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