Autumn turns to Winter

A week ago

I walked along a river, the sun was out, it was lovely and warm. There were rocks cuddled in moss. 

The previous snow had melted away,

it felt like autumn again.

 Western larch, though fading, 

still appeared as golden torches lighting up the mountains.

This seed pod was maybe an inch long. 

I have no idea what plant it is. This close up shows me details my eyes could not see. I am mesmerized at the design for protecting and sending off it's seeds. 

Let me know if you know what it is. 

For two days it has been snowing.

It is a winter wonderland out there.
I plowed for the first time of the season. 

The little birds are busy as can be, 

collecting seeds and seem happy as can be.

I never know who I will see when I look out the window!





  1. Such beauty, Tammie! I love the little friends that pass by your home - the beautiful fox looking right at you with shining eyes and that adorable little bird eating from your hand! I love to see the fresh snow and that beautiful patterned rock in the moss. What joy to come and visit it all here!

    1. Thank you for enjoying my wild friends. I do love these little birds. Seems my flock is growing.
      We still can not put bird feeders out due to bears not being in hibernation yet. They will find the seed and someone might complain and then they might be shot. Don't want that!

  2. Lovely country, and wonderful pictures. So you have snow, we are still waiting for it here in western part of Sweden. Beautiful fox and that bird, wow !!

    1. Yes, we have snow. It is piling up. I am guessing that your snow will arrive ;-)

  3. What a beautiful landscape.
    Just winter and then again autumn.
    The animals are so beautiful.

    Enjoy the beautiful days Tammie.

    1. Thank you Hilly. I am glad you enjoyed them. Weather is interesting. I simply go with the flow.

  4. Total wow. That seed pod is fascinating -- it looks like loads of acorns but of course it isn't! And the fox -- I love him. And I always love your bird in the hand! Stay cozy!

    1. Thanks for mentioning the seed pod. I wish I would have brought it home to explore it further.
      Our fox are so pretty! Thank you.

  5. What a thick tail your fox has! Does it grow a winter coat?
    Anyway, I always love to see it. Love to see the way you appreciate each season in its turn (and the chickadees are always happy for food from your hand, regardless of the weather).

    Also-- that rock with the etching on it is totally amazing!

  6. Tammie, lovely photos, that rock is really neat! We haven't had snow yet (whoopie!) :)

  7. So wonderful, all of it, both those moss cuddled rocks ~ ::swoon::

  8. It is always fascinating to see what critters come around your neck of the woods. That fox is a beauty, and it really looks like a post card. Such an incredible photo. The big rock is cool, and it looks like it has a design right on it. And I can't believe that precious bird sits on your hand and eats sunflower seeds. It's snowing! So beautiful.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Tammie Lee.


  9. What a lovely story of winter wonderland! I’m envious of the nature and wildlife surrounding you. The stone has beautiful patterns on it. I don’t know why but I have emotional attachment to the fox, the eyes of the fox. Thanks for sharing. Stay warm.


  10. Wonderful photos Tammie!
    Photos the last two, the little bird stayed on your hand. So magical! So sweet


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