Late Autumn


I returned home to find her laying in the sun. I love seeing the furry natives of this land. 

 autumn snow
autumn rain
nature's beauty

morning light begins to paint the world

remembering early autumn 
with this family of fungi

I love seeing the fox as they pass through.... never staying long. 
Which is true of all the wildlife.... 
they are on the move.
Looking at these photos, 
autumn sure does have a color theme.


  1. All beautiful shots, Tammie. The lovely deer in the sunshine and those gorgeous leaves in the snow! I like the little tree house on stilts and what a beautiful fox! Happy days for you!

  2. The deer and the fox are both beauties.

  3. Wonderful photos of late autumn. Love the leaves in the snow and the little cottage up in the trees...and of course the fox :)

  4. So beautiful Tammie, I enjoyed it!

  5. These are simply exquisite. To be so honored by the presence of that lovely deer and the fox. And the mushrooms are fabulous too.

  6. ohh beautiful photoes!the best of today!

    Wish you a good weekend!

  7. All of your autumn treasure is so moving and beautiful, Tammie. My heart would stop for pleasant surprise if I encounter that fox trespassing.


  8. That fox shot is wonderful. We see them passing daily, some staying longer than others.I love that treehouse shot!

  9. Lovely combination of warm gold and white snow in your photos. Beautiful!


  10. That fox is sure a beauty. And I believe that it is a gift when we see the deer. They are a special animal, indeed.

    Autumn is so lovely in your area, Tammie Lee.



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