Hot Summer Days

hot summer days
are beautiful
and true to the season

yet they beg for evening walks
as the day cools off

busy at work

the original stain glass beauty

berry bushes
lush in their greenery

high mountain flowers thrive
where lower elevation flowers have turned to seed

Montana Beauty


Red Meadow Lake

the rain was falling when we arrived
clearing a patch of blue sky
after many smoke filled days

a treasure found
tiny flowers at the base of an old stump


love the rare finds

something about mountain mist
that inspires awe

Indian paintbrush comes in many hues

clouds part
revealing light and shadows
to our delight


Evening Walk

such an inviting road
still closed to cars due to avalanches
perfect for wandering
(Eureka Mountains)

exquisite flowers cloak the earth
like stars dance in the skies

wonderful flowers for us to find

so much bear grass that it inspires joy

the precious and tiny spotted saxifrage

look at what i found on my cabin!
a muddy bear print
at shoulder height
about the size of my hand:

summer is full on here
with days around 90F
pretty hot, but nice with a breeze and shade