Evening Walk

such an inviting road
still closed to cars due to avalanches
perfect for wandering
(Eureka Mountains)

exquisite flowers cloak the earth
like stars dance in the skies

wonderful flowers for us to find

so much bear grass that it inspires joy

the precious and tiny spotted saxifrage

look at what i found on my cabin!
a muddy bear print
at shoulder height
about the size of my hand:

summer is full on here
with days around 90F
pretty hot, but nice with a breeze and shade


  1. The way of the first picture seems to be leading to the happiness of the spirit. It is simply wonderful.
    Have a good one, Tammie !


  2. hello Tomás,
    I love the way you put that... it is quite inviting. Good one to you too.

  3. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful Tammie.

  4. magnifique paysage fleurie!

  5. Such a beautiful place! How blessed you are to live there.

  6. Enjoy all that beautiful out doors, a real treat and oh so wild!

  7. I love where you live, where you hike, what you see, how you share . . .
    How many other viewers live vicariously through your pics?
    (It's contagious.)

  8. By the way, that bear was giving you a "high five."

  9. oh that bear grass, tammie... the sight of it fills me with joy. thank you!


  10. Wow..so breathtaking..love the clouded streaks in the sky..the beautiful flowers...and awesome bear print..! Another stunning post!Thanks for sharing the beauty ad magic of nature always!

  11. I LOVE bear grass! I wish I could grow it here! and that saxifrage is unbelievable! I hope you're having a wonderful summer there in paradise!

  12. hello mister Glebe,

    So glad you enjoyed.

    Thank you~!

    yes so beautiful, I am so thankful to be here!


    so lovely to have you visit, as always!

    love that you are living vicariously!

    your high five made me chuckle ;-)

    So glad you like the Bear grass Lynne! Me too ~


    love the different things that caught your eye. Thank you for stopping by!

    how fun that you know what Bear Grass is. It is a much loved thing around here and by the folks that visit here. In some areas there is so much this year! Wahoo.
    Love that you enjoyed the saxifrage, i am also smitten with it. Tiny tiny indeed!

    Thank you for stopping by!


  13. Such a wonderful walk with you along that inviting road of discovery and so many different kinds of beautiful flowers to discover. I like the sound of your cooling breezes and shade, despite the heat. I'm not sure how I would feel so close to bears though!

  14. AnonymousJuly 10, 2014

    Gorgeous and serene!

  15. Well that was a curious bear! The saxifrage is a delight, as is the thistle!

  16. I enjoy this evening walk! Thanks ! :)

  17. You truly live in a beautiful place Tammie - and you so much know to appreciate and love it!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. :-)

  18. AnonymousJuly 11, 2014

    Wow, those stands of beargrass are fantastic! And the saxifrage , so pretty! I have missed a lot this year and now will have to start playing catch-up.

  19. Love to read of your roaming, Tammie. I thought at first the bear grass was Bistort - my grandson's favorite because it's "stinky." That bear grass may be leading the bears right up to your cabin - be wary! The Spotted Saxifrage is a tiny wonder of Nature - fabulous shot.

  20. Such beautiful scenery!

  21. That is a beautiful evening walk, Tammie. The pink flower is very striking and your shot of the spotted saxifrage is gorgeous. I hope you and the bear cross paths only at a very safe distance!

  22. It's amazing the beauty you show us ...
    Friend, huge kiss.

  23. A

    B E A R P R I N T ????

    Good gracious, for this city dweller, that sounds frightening, but most enchanting, Tammie Lee! Your area is so strikingly beautiful and rich with mysteries beyond my usual experience. You are enjoying your summer, aren't you!

    Thank you kindly for coming to visit me! Anita

  24. Glad you only found the paw print and not the bear. ;) The wildflowers are great!

  25. So many stories and possibilities in that landscape!

  26. The bear must have come to say "hi!" - you are a part of his/her life after all!:0)
    The "inviting" road is leading to such beauty, to such wonderful sights! I'm in awe!! Smiling...

  27. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. It brought me back here, and am I ever so glad. Your photography is awesome, I would love to wonder down that road.

    Not a big bear person, or a small bear person (grin) Hopefully his calling card isn't a way of saying he'll be back.

  28. Fantastic shots of the nature beauties! :) It seems to be a lovely place to walk, and I like the name of the mountains.
    Oh! The bear has left a note at your home, I would be scared! But you are brave! However, take care!
    Love, viola :)

  29. Such an amazing landscape (and then some) and I love, love, love the patterns in this collection … in the shadows, the clouds, the buds and hillsides …

  30. Very lovely photoes !

    Thanx for sharing!

    Hugs :)

  31. Dearest Tammie Lee! Good morning to you as I stroll down again on your beautiful page.Many thanks for your comment on our European link party! Ya know, you would be fabulous as a participant for yet another idea I have (I'm the ring leader for too many ideas!) for an AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL travel link party for next year! But I have to pace myself...it's just a thought!

    Enjoy yet another fabulous summer day! Anita

  32. You live amidst such beauty. Thanks for sharing.


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