Two Medicine


Two morning images of Sinopah mountain. 

The first morning was quite windy, the next smooth as can be with mist rising. 

What a difference a day makes.

Camping here I had a unique experience: 

Star gazing with my friend and a camp neighbor I noticed light glowing over the crest of a mountain. We were on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. No cities nearby, only small towns, meaning no big lights. “What is that I asked?”. Many man-made items were the guess by one of us. The glow grew larger and to my eyes softly green. The light began to pulse (UFO’s came to mind).

 A moment later a brilliant star appeared over the mountains ridge. My first consciously observed star-rise! So beautiful. Seemed magical and profound. Often it is day… then it is night and there are stars. To see a star rise felt holy.

This area is named Two Medicine and is holy to the native people, the Blackfeet tribe and to so many other people including me. Though I have experienced that there are spots on earth that have more energy than others. All nature is holy to me. It was beautiful to spend two sunsets, two sunrises and a star-rise there.

Lovely day and beyond to you. 




My goodness, it has been near a year....


Kokanee Salmon are swimming upstream

spawning season

 Always a joy to see their bright orange bodies

moving through the water

And the rocks

cloaked in dancing light and shadows

So hard to choose just one photo to share with you. 

(which of these would you choose, 1, 2 or 3?).


Wishing you a lovely day and beyond.