Winter Begins, NW Montana

Autumns often deep cold days
inspired the spirit and stance of hibernation early for me

the forest cloaked in snow is lovely 
with a deep sense of quiet

the little birds still come to me
inspiring joy and calm all at once

this mountain chickadee has a much narrower head than most of them 

sweet black capped chickadee
landing for a sunflower seed

chestnut-backed chickadee

These are the three chickadees that visit me

and then there is the nuthatch:

if it weren't for the tiny birds
a winter hush would be throughout the land


lovely holidays to you and yours

Sweet Solstice to one and all!

slowly our days will become longer......



Seasonal Glimpses

sweet little mountain chickadee

autumn raindrops

It has been a very cold autumn, more like winter cold.
snow a number of times
has come and gone

I love how the snow reveals who has walked by
in this case an elf....

(or possibly a skunk)

Ponderosa tree bark
artful and beautiful

occasional snowflakes

 as well as
beautiful frost