ice stars

snowflakes grace my wooden steps

their beauty is a spiritual thing
for my spirit is never the same

after being in their presence

of snowflakes


Lovely holidays to one and all!


Snow is Reminding me

how fun it is to see who has walked by

it is a lovely canvas
for shadows

when snow drifts upon the tiny plants
it create dunes that are a joy to see

when it gets cold
and this week we are in the minuses at night

crystals grow
upon it's surface

exquisite in it's forms and light

last night's sunset

our snowy season has begun


Autumn Frost and Ice

the clouds have cleared
and under the watch of stars
and deeply cold temperatures
ice crystals are born

ephemeral beings
like wings of glass

ponds freeze over
exquisite expression for a brief time

bubbles held in ice
like a universe mirroring our sky

whose breath rises
from this wee cavern into the earth
they are tucked away for winter



Autumn Snow

this is our third snowfall
each time 1/2 inch plus

autumn colors dressed in snow
with a dash of sunlight
so lovely

the golden forest trees are tamaracks (Western Larch)
they still have some of their needles on
stunning mixed with snow

light snow like this
reminds me of cotton fields

and so our autumn goes
sun and snow mingle 
sometimes rain graces our days

the wood stove is going


Montana Autumn, Yesterday:

colors divine
air refined

light and shadows
hold an autumn hue

giant Tameracks
pillars aflame

waters reflect sky

brush a perfect camouflage

colors galore



Beauties of the Forest

beauties of the forest floor

mysterious gems that i adore

beckon to me to explore ever more

I find you cuddled in tiny moss

 wet and shiny to the eyes and touch

colors that shimmer in gentle light

texture and caps that inspire delight
an autumn flower
dressed in raindrops
there are not many flowers around
with our cold nights and not as many sunny days


Autumn's Woodland Treasures

raindrops dress leaves

wasps nest fall from trees

frost and sunlight create magical light

this large hawk landed in my tree

colors, a seasonal delight

i find squirrels treasures in the trees, 
so much fun!


Mushrooms on Wood and under Rocks

taking form from the world as they grow

sprouting from driftwood

a heavy rock does not discourage

 so pretty in she shadowy light

a family of wood dwelling creatures
when i find wood dwellers
it is usually on a dead tree

such busy busy squirrels
happy October to one and all!