Autumn Snow

this is our third snowfall
each time 1/2 inch plus

autumn colors dressed in snow
with a dash of sunlight
so lovely

the golden forest trees are tamaracks (Western Larch)
they still have some of their needles on
stunning mixed with snow

light snow like this
reminds me of cotton fields

and so our autumn goes
sun and snow mingle 
sometimes rain graces our days

the wood stove is going


  1. I fall asleep dreaming of living in such a place!! Gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful stroll through your Autumn world .
    Your scenic photos are remarkable !
    Be Well.

  3. Beautiful "first snow" scenes.
    I'm envious. I love the changing seasons,
    especially watching YOURS.

  4. Wow....such a different...but beyond beautiful landscape than I am used to <3

    Ethereal in white :)

  5. Such a delicate powdering of early snow with autumn still lingering before it bids us adieu until next time! Such a pretty illuminated leaf surrounded by the settling snow.

  6. Bonjour,

    Brr...!! Malgré ces merveilleuses photos que tu nous montres il ne me tarde pas de voir arriver la première neige chez moi !...
    Je ne suis pas une adepte !...
    Le spectacle est toutefois fantastique.
    gros bisous

  7. Winter Rises
    As Autumn Falls

  8. Are you ready? Because I am, so even if you aren't, I shall enjoy each and every one of your beauties!

  9. Oh my.
    So beautiful, yes.
    And you remind me that this flavor of beauty will soon be arriving on my little acre.

  10. Pure magic Tammie....thank you.
    It seems that Winter is already with you and Spring a distant memory.

    Stay warm!

  11. You already have snow. Wow. It is supposed to snow here today but as much as I like it here, it is not a beautiful place like where you are.

  12. Beautiful photos, Tammie!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  13. Beautiful but ohhhh you get snow early don´t you....ok I will just have to do Montana in spring or summer I guess:)

  14. I agree the last shot looks like cotton. It must be wet.
    It would be so nice to be in front of a wood store right now.

  15. I knew your snow pictures were imminent Tammie, got a preview from a Calgary webpage.
    Look forward to your first ice sculptures of the season.
    Lovely pictures.

  16. Oh, Tammie - I love your photos of fall with winter approaching. My shots are all of winter now - and my fireplaces are also burning bright. I cross country skied today for the second time - it was great!

  17. Beautiful light through the golden leaf and crystal landscapes. Thank you. X

  18. Beautiful, Tammie! Our wood stove is in use now too!

  19. Makes me want to cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate.
    That second photo is wonderful... what beautiful bokeh.

  20. That first image is SO dreamy Tammie! The clouds, the lake ... *sigh!* Yes, it would seem winter is taking hold and despite our complaints about winter ... it is beautiful (for the most part!)

  21. I wish you a warm and cozy winter in front of your stove. Do keep these beauties coming over here, they are lovely.

    Hugs and be well, Dagmar

  22. OOOOOH YES! We just got snow last night my dear! Just about the same amount as you show here in your pictures. And you have a wood stove going? HOW ENCHANTING! Enjoy it all, and thank you so much for visiting! Anita

  23. I love the scenes of the first snows as the green and the fall colors show through. Beautiful shots, Tammie. Fun to visit again and see that you are still up to your old tricks. OBTW, I've started posting on a limited basis again.

  24. what lovely photos these are. I like the single leaf one most of all, so pretty.

    no snow here yet, except at higher elevations.

    happy weekend Tammie!

  25. Those snow-covered shots are gorgeous!

  26. Your photographs are beautiful and your narrative perfectly descriptive! I can almost feel how it would be to experience such beauty in person.

  27. For me, Whitefish is a town of the world's best. I think here you can live happy and out of the trouble that exist in the world. I have been there and seen that.


  28. Nice to see some pictures from your "world" again :-) Larchs are amazing trees and you do them justice with those pictures!

  29. Such a dreamy and beautiful landscape! Snow.....I love it!

  30. so serene and beautiful is your land as its laced with a gentle autumnal snowfall...much love light and blessings~

  31. Stunning photos! =)
    You have has snow fall three times! Here where I live we have not yet seen snow.. but it has got colder.

    Your lovely country and paradise!
    I love to see them each time!

  32. Lovely photos. I like seeing the Montana beauty and each time I think of my brother in Lolo. They are moving to a new home still in Lolo but the new house backs up to a preserve.

  33. ...there is something about those first few snows! I can see the Winter Fairies waking up! :-)

  34. Your photos awe me and soothe my soul. It was from your photos that I decided that I wanted to learn about macro photography. It's been an incredibly rewarding journey.

    Your leaf in the snow is stunning. The landscapes with the lakes are spectacular.

  35. Lovely and amazing ... Love the different contrasting colors and textures!

  36. Amazing images - such a lovely mood!!

  37. My favorite--Autumn Colors Dressed in Snow...My. The photo fills my eyes, your words fill my heart.


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