it seems early for the bears to be out of hibernation

but these certainly woke up and took a walk

I am thinking two different bears

They might have gone back to the den....

what do you think
black bear or grizzly?


Winter Morning

within the breath of winters frigid air
ice crystals grew among the lichens hairs

spruce needles adorned 
in icy charm

as the morning sun lit up the clouds
they circled like a crown at the tips of forest trees

bits of snow
sat like tiny icebergs
casting long shadows 

domes of snow
showing the beauty
 the grace of lines

looking up from the tiny world
grand view



So Much Snow!

in the past two days
snow fell from the sky
19 inches

much more snow is predicted
in the next day and a half: 20 to 34 inches
time will tell

in my woods 
I sink to my knees!

the little birds all fluffed up
seem fine

my pond has been frozen and snow cloaked since December 5th
it thaws and freezes 
on and off all winter
wahoo winter!