awakening from a long deep sleep called winter:


Have you ever
heard a word
spoken in such a tone
that the sound
defined beautifully
the essence
of the word
it is rare
yet oh so possible
perhaps this is how
words were meant to be spoken

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She's Moving Through

Awake in the middle of the night
2 A.M.
all is calm
cloaked in a blanket of clouds
deer wander through
night light is triggered
she blew in like a train
approaching from the distance
a roar not to be ignored
tops of the trees swaying first
then with the beating of rain
wave after wave
trees undulating down to their roots
water pounding on the tin roof
icy wind gusts through the open window
rain becomes a constant patter
drifting to a far off sound
of distant trees taking up the dance
She arrived and left
blew through
as though a phantom
a dream
taking the clouds
leaving behind a velvety sky
sprinkled with planets and stars
leaving behind a trail of hail

This photo: first flower find in our woods!


Tranquil Spaciousness

Warm days
soft spring snow
sensuous lines
transparent milky clouds
light blue sky
human heart melts
tranquil spaciousness

Last weekend, I wandered in search of my first wildflower of the year.
I followed enchanting clouds all day.
Two hours south I found the brilliant and tiny Yellow bells.

Glorious spring melt waters,
The Flathead River:

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Spring Water

Spring melt
simply juicy
future abundant

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New Steps

My friend Mister T recently acquired a saw mill and my cabin steps needed replacing. This winter a tree in the woods uprooted, I visited it to see if it was the right size for the steps. It was! Also there were bits of silky soft white fur, I believe rabbit, around the roots, as well as large bear tracks. I doubt the bear ate it, the tracks walked right by with surely a sniff here and there. Seems that right now the woods are full of hungry critters and many of them are eating one another. No fooling when I say that nature is a place to respect and be alert.

Mister T came over with his chain saw.
Cut a length for the steps.
We took it back to the saw and sliced it in half and now I have wonderful new steps:

The thing I love most about this tale is that a tree fell over and we turned it into something that was needed. Such a good feeling around this!
Plus it is fun to make things with friends ~

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Morning Stroll

nights dipping temperatures
freeze the skin on ponds
and creeks
geometric ice grows through the night
morning stroll through woods
to see the sights

as daytime warms
each and every moment
this glory of
hard edged crystals
they soften
then melt

slabs of ice break free
music like chimes dance through forest
and meadow
spring is alive
touching every particle
of water air earth

a fresh footprint
of newly awakened bear
bear was here before me
enlivened I glance around
following each paw print
weaving through the trees
right to my home!

wandering through the woods will be a different
journey from now on

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White-winged Crossbill

listening to his tribe chatter
about who is far
who is near
sounds like music to my ear
they flit and fly
low and high
in sync
with one another
immersed in
eating seeds from cones
I slide up close
to be
a spy for you and me
and steal a portrait
of another
White-winged Crossbill

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Brief Morning Light

sun rarely graces us with its presence
daylight begins with
sugar-like snow falling from the sky
turning to flakes like feathers floating to the earth
transforming to snow like confetti
filling the air
snowflakes fly by
as fast as birds
dancing in all directions
spring is here and snow piles on each and every limb
the ongoing kiss of winters farewell

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