Spring Water

Spring melt
simply juicy
future abundant

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  1. The first photo reminds me of an intricate icy spiderweb! If the ice is melting, spring has arrived in your region.

  2. It is looking like you found a moments of angels drinking water and picture it,great! Ciao Sandra

  3. I can't get enough of these beautiful ice shots.
    But I'm sort of sure you are happy when Spring comes, no?

  4. Winter Tensions,

    Stagnent and Hardened Thoughts,

    Sharp and Crunchy feelings,

    They melt as my Heart Rises,

    And warms my innerscape,

    Allowing new feelings to slowly

    And gently flow

    From the Mountains

    And Back to the Vast and Open Sea

    Where the cycle both ends and begins anew.

  5. Ah, winter is gently releasing its grasp as it slowly falls into slumber. Spring is stretching, getting ready for its brief but exciting dance!

  6. I love the ice and the words.

  7. Water is good!! It means the ice is melting and the cold is going away. And it makes for very pretty pictures. Here the air is slowly becoming fragrant with the smell of muddy lawns and thawing dog poo.

  8. kyou for being such a frequent visitor on my blog.
    I love that little poem and it goes so well with those exquisite shots of the paperthin morning ice. It's still a little bit cold over your way it seems.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Fun to see what folks see in an image. Inspires me to look at it in a new way. Yes spring is here. A time of waters thawing and sometimes refreezing and that is when I see these amazing formations!

    Sandra ~ angels drinking water, ah~

    Glad you enjoy the ice shots, me too! I enjoy watching the daily changes at this time of year.

    Natural M,
    Lovely and powerful poem!

    Do what you love~
    Yes winter releases... ah
    and spring slides in slowly.

    Martha, Thank you.

    Shannanigans, You made me laugh with your comment ;-)

    Sometimes it is a little cold still, but over all winter is behind us! Thank you for your visits!

  10. Lovely, lovely images!

  11. These are awesome! Love the smooth reflection.

  12. Hi there!

    Nice shots, the ice looks like plastic! It's time for greenery in your place again! :)

  13. Tammie, this is a nice capture of alive water. :) I intently look at it to see if it's moving or it's an ice. The second photo seems to tell me that they are clear ice.

    Happy springtime!

  14. Hi Arlene,
    These are of a creek, the surface froze overnight and there is running water running underneath. Actually only the edges of the creek were still frozen in these amazing artful forms!

  15. So beautiful & shiny. Makes me thirsty just looking at these shots!

  16. Your incredible photography is enhanced by your superb words. Lovely!

  17. So many colors there, in the ice~
    very much like a memory to me

  18. I love these shots. The different textures are great and they're very artistic!

  19. These are beautiful pictures and lovely poem!

  20. Beautiful water photos. Thanks for the visit.

  21. You have transformed that melting ice into such wonderful art!

  22. Aahh! I love that! Very good and I can almost feel the coldness of that ice!

  23. Here's to "simply juicy." May your spring be sprung.

  24. Beautiful shots! I just love watery images. Have a great day, Tammie :)

  25. I love your thoughts and images here. Very beautiful!

  26. Tammie: Really neat formation of the ice crystals.

  27. Again I am boggled by the beauty of your photos. What amazing photography! I am sure I see faces in these.

  28. Fantastic images. I am going back to look at them again. Enjoyed my visit here. You have a wonderful blog.

  29. The ice reminds me of the magical work of Jack Frost and a transparent crew of enchanted creatures. Love their delicate touches. They arrive and depart in the physical world at such a furious vibration that they are easy to miss. A quick glance enables one to detect the remnants of frosty breath out of the corner of an eye,or even more...

  30. Superb macros. Both.

  31. Fine photography, Tammie! Wow--
    first time on your site, but really enjoying it!!

    Would love you to consider adding the Virtual Tea House to your 'cups of tea' list...

    Thank you for your keen eye and poet's heart--

  32. There is nothing like springtime in the West. I miss it a great deal.

  33. Like dragonfly wings, that ice.

  34. AnonymousMay 11, 2009

    oh this is so tranquil and ethereal.
    thank you for sharing!


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