She's Moving Through

Awake in the middle of the night
2 A.M.
all is calm
cloaked in a blanket of clouds
deer wander through
night light is triggered
she blew in like a train
approaching from the distance
a roar not to be ignored
tops of the trees swaying first
then with the beating of rain
wave after wave
trees undulating down to their roots
water pounding on the tin roof
icy wind gusts through the open window
rain becomes a constant patter
drifting to a far off sound
of distant trees taking up the dance
She arrived and left
blew through
as though a phantom
a dream
taking the clouds
leaving behind a velvety sky
sprinkled with planets and stars
leaving behind a trail of hail

This photo: first flower find in our woods!


  1. This one's a song, Ms TLee. If you're to shy for the microphone, send it to Roseanne Cash or Patty Loveless: they'll do you right...

  2. Tammie,
    Beautiful capture of the beginning of spring.
    Have a great weekend
    Smiles B

  3. I cam see clearly...beautiful post.

  4. nice poetry. so descriptive I can feel the chill of the wind and smell the rain!

  5. "Trees taking up the Dance"
    There is so much activity outside under such conditions that it would be hard to sleep when the trees are dancing.

    Nice to see that you got your first flower. And it shines so brightly. Will you be the first star it sees in the Night?

  6. Nice narrative-poem of the storm! I still get a little frightened when storms go through at night...especially after experiencing 3 hurricanes. Glad your flowers are finally starting to bloom.

  7. Good to see some flowers poking through. It was a long winter. Nice image, thanks for sharing.

  8. The middle of the night is a period of enchantment when creatures emerge who do not make themselves visible during daytime. Magic is accessible every moment if you are on the wavelength to notice it. Every human being discerns what he is ready and willing to accept at a given moment. The graphics presented are beautiful.

  9. I can't describe a storm that way!

    Very pretty photo!

  10. Nice! Love how you paint pictures with words.

  11. I was so moved by your description of the storm. I LOVE storms. Your first flower of Spring just fills my eyes. You are such a gifted young woman!

    I'm truly honored to know you.

  12. A mighty force, indeed! I enjoyed this image of transformation. Interesting how dancing goes on despite the potential ruin.

  13. Beautiful vision painted in words!

  14. You truely experienced that storm, embodying its energy so that you were able to put it into such magical words. I can feel the essence of the storm, the trees outside my house almost quiver.

    A Flower! Oh how lovely for you to find! Ohh la la! Such a beautiful colour!

  15. Lovely words - makes me see and hear it all.

  16. Beaufiful photo of your spring flower. Love the wind poem. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Beautiful<3 Both the photo and the poem;) No flowers where I live jet though xD You're lucky!

    Thank you for your sweet comment darling;)

  18. Just beautiful Poetry and photography...You should be published.

  19. Hello and thank you all for your comments.
    Murat- a song... hum yep I am shy for the microphone, my singing voice is slow in developing this life time. Still I sing because it feels goo.

    Hi Barbara, wishing you a great weekend too!

    For all of you that could feel the storm, that is so fantastic. Wonderful how words can inspire feelings.

    Sharon, wow 3 hurricanes, that must have been powerful and frightening. I did wonder if any trees would come down.

    Bernie, you make me smile.

    Steve, it was a long winter, with a deep blanket of snow!

    Ms Walk, hug

    Liara, thank you for your visit.

    Sandy, yes dancing despite..... that is how it was.

    Stacey, wow your trees almost shivered... I best watch my words;-) Yes a flower, imagine my excitement.

    Lisa, thanks for your: you should be published. Maybe some day, for now my blog is my 'published', and I so enjoy sharing like this with all of you!

  20. Excellent photo. Really nicely done
    Thank you for sharing, great photoblog :)

  21. I think Paschal's onto something; felt like music to me. Hard to believe that anything so small and delicate as this flower survived the hail. Happy to see it!

  22. Tammie: What a neat dew covered crocus.

  23. The first one is always so tender and eagerly awaited. Is it blooming yet?

  24. Hello Ciel, I was just thinking of you. Yes, it bloomed today!

  25. Wonderful photo and an equally wonderful poem. Enjoyed reading it very much. Thank you for visiting my blog and I also wanted to thank you for visiting Today's Flowers. Have a great week!

  26. What a beautiful first flower... and there are waterdrops, too! Sigh... two of my most favorite objects in one. Not to mention your wonderful lines. Have a great week, Tammie :)

  27. It snowed here today...well snow/rain. I took the dog for a walk in it and it was actually neat how it sounded like pebbles fslling all around me. Thanks for posting a flower...I need to believe I will see one again!!!

  28. It's good to have seasons and see first flowers.

    In Borneo and Sinapore, there is a succulent which doesn't bloom for years. Then it's bud come on, in a day or two, at 11.30pm, the bud slowly opens, and once past mid night it shuts again.

    Ifyou miss it, you miss it for another couple of years.

    My dad used to monitor this flower, and have a dinner party to witness this rare sight.

  29. Lovely use of DOF creating a beautiful perspective.

  30. Very lovely Tammie! So fresh looking with the raindrops! It is so winderful with spring! And a wonderful poem - as always! Thank you!

    Have a nice week!

  31. Breathtakingly gorgeous :)

  32. What powerful words. And equally powerful photographs! You capture so much natural beauty. Hooray for the first flowers!

  33. How did I miss this!
    I love the calm after a storm .. and the flower looks like a beautiful cocoon ... Oh how I love spring, and all the promises it brings.

  34. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your pictures are so beautiful, I'm off for a look around :)

    Kim x

  35. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  36. Beautiful photo. Beautiful description of the storm. Wow. For a moment I was there .......

  37. She left something very precious behind.

  38. What an aptly named blog, great photo and beautiful words.

  39. Your words and images are always so refreshing!

  40. Tammie this is a stunning capture and such a beautiful post Nice work !!

  41. How exciting to see the first flower and you captured it beautifully!

  42. What a gorgeous first find for the season.

  43. I love this... it's new beginnings... is that dew??

  44. Hi Dewdrop,

    That is raindrops on the flower, from the storm that moved through!
    Thanks for asking.



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