Glimpses of Summer

walking in the forest
(i had never seen a delphinium in the above colors)

tiny, unripe huckleberry
and so it begins.....

large beaver enjoys a swim

who will this spiral become?

rains dress our world in gems and light



Summer Solstice 2013

Summer Solstice beauty thrills

walking forest paths so lush

never knowing who is far or near

tiny glimpses 
charm my eyes

flowers one with butterflies

flowers and green cloak the earth

mother's hide their tiny fawns

blooms celebrate the sun's rays

a new season dawns 


Many Glacier, Montana

last days of Spring
found me wandering 
the Eastern side of Montana's Rocky Mountains

days a mix of sun and clouds
rain and wind
cold shadows
hot sun

light dancing amongst rolling waters

waterfalls of snow melt

Rocky mountains dress in spring green

lakes beckon us to wander



how many flowers on one stalk
enough to make my heart sing

blossoms open
from bottom to top

in multitudes
they light up the woods

beargrass, not actually a grass but is in the lily family, 
tends to bloom once every 5-7 years
so when it blooms
we love it!


Artwalk, Whitefish Montana

my photos are not that clear
maybe even
hard to see what you are looking at
but that is a good thing

that means that i was far enough away...

i was in the forest cutting wood with my friend
looking across the meadow
i noticed a dark form
i thought:
i will watch to see if it moves
move it did
right up this tree!
it was a bear
such a grand sight to see

then with binoculars
we could see she had two tiny cubs up that tree
one came down to nurse

they sat on branches
feet dangling

Mamma above
cub on lower branch, can you see them?

here is how high up the tree they were:

such a Wonder-Full experience

if you are in Whitefish Montana Thursday June 6th
our town has art walk from 6-9
I will be showing my photography
and debuting my art at

sips and nibbles of excellent pasta and drinks

 wonderful music of Lee Zimmerman on Cello

(art will stay on the walls through June)

i would love to see you