Artwalk, Whitefish Montana

my photos are not that clear
maybe even
hard to see what you are looking at
but that is a good thing

that means that i was far enough away...

i was in the forest cutting wood with my friend
looking across the meadow
i noticed a dark form
i thought:
i will watch to see if it moves
move it did
right up this tree!
it was a bear
such a grand sight to see

then with binoculars
we could see she had two tiny cubs up that tree
one came down to nurse

they sat on branches
feet dangling

Mamma above
cub on lower branch, can you see them?

here is how high up the tree they were:

such a Wonder-Full experience

if you are in Whitefish Montana Thursday June 6th
our town has art walk from 6-9
I will be showing my photography
and debuting my art at

sips and nibbles of excellent pasta and drinks

 wonderful music of Lee Zimmerman on Cello

(art will stay on the walls through June)

i would love to see you 


  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    That was a great sighting, Tammie! The very best way to see a mother with her cubs.

  2. How wonderful to see the little bear family, especially at a safe distance! Momma bear had those babies well trained to stay up high in the tree lest any papa bears come along.

  3. Amazing sight,although I am glad they were in the tree so you were not being seen as a threat by mama.

    Would love to come to Whitefish, do you think anyone will notice I have disappeared from the UK?

  4. Tammie..o mai! what an adventure to see this in real life. you must have been so happy to see this.
    at a distance its so cuddely (english?)
    in mind i visit your exposition!

  5. So much clearer than what I saw sooooo far away last year in Yellowstone!

    And trust me, I wish I could come...

  6. Fantastic encounter! Must be a thrill to watch them like that!

  7. Such a thrilling experience to see the mother bear with her babies in a tall tree. I love that little cub foot dangling! Lovely shots!

  8. Yes, Fuzzy images are good . . . in such a case as this. I wish I could stroll into your show Tammie! Wishing you a wonderful evening with lots of sales and great feedback. Your work transports the spirit. Best of Luck! Carol

  9. So happy for you, Tammie! Wish the show was during the day...then I could come...have a wonderful time tonight!


    Judy Elizabeth

  10. A wonderful experience!
    I have never seen a bear ...
    Thanks friend!

  11. Tammie,
    What a great experience. Yes, stay far enough away from Mama. Wish I could be there tonight for the Art Walk. Wishing you success!

  12. Een wonder mooie ervaring Tammie,die jij had.
    Niet ongevaarlijk een moeder beer met haar pupjes laat geen mensen toe.
    En als ik goed kijk zie ik ze zitten in de boom.
    Heel mooi om mee te maken!!!
    zonne groetje

  13. Ha Tammie,een wonder mooie ervaring die jij had,maar niet ongevaarlijk
    want moeder beer laat geen mensen toe bij haar pups.
    Heel mooi dat jij dat mocht zien!!!
    Liefs groetjes

  14. You may have heard this from me before Tammie, but I never got to see a bear on my visit to Swan Hills in Canada. Well done in capturing them and good luck with your exhibition.

  15. TL - amazing sight - lucky you. B

  16. tremendous sharing of unusual happenings! i am thrilled you shared even though the photo captures were unclear. I knew it was bear. and i was delight to hear of the goings on.

    thank you....made my day.


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