Winters Eye Candy

winter's breath of icy cold
brings life to faceted ice bestowed
a gift for all whom get to see
the icy lake surface
and pebbles whom bed below


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Icy Pillars Form and Fall

like diamonds dripping from a ladies hand
drips and forms from natures graceful limb
awesome pillars form and fall
reflections call my eyes 
which are enthralled
nature's grace once again
wins my heart with it's artful show



floating through the sky
landing on earth 
a bit tattered
yet all i feel is wonder
at their translucent filigree beauty

and if you are wondering.....
as to what you are looking at:

the ice on this log 
sweet teensy weensy snowflakes that landed upon it


Ancient Rhythms

walking through the woods
sinking through two inches of crusty snow
to the frozen earth below

with each breath
winter enlivening
step after step
pausing and letting the quiet stillness
slow and sync
rhythms heart breath blood 
a deeper cadence

she commenced her walk
with an ancient rhythm
natural calm alert

now part of the woods and shore
she walked among

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