Welcome 2012 ~

imagine living life
by making choices that enliven

how we move our bodies and thoughts
how we listen and speak
how we care and share
honoring the essence of our depths

imagine choosing that which energizes
from this moment on

wishing one and all vitality
of heart
and body

welcome 2012!


The Novica Winner is......

of divinity
found in each breath
the breath within our chest
the breath
of winters magnificence

evidence of divinity
as the sun lights icy crystals
colors dance 
and fairies prance
kin to the living spark
light that dances within our hearts


Novica thank you for honoring my blog friends and readers
with a $50 gift certificate for your website!

Novica supports artists around the world by giving them a place to share and sell what they create. 
An opportunity for us to purchase and enjoy products made by hand and heart. 

Random number generator has chosen

Congratulations Elena!

Elena has a wonderful and artful blog,
where she shares gorgeous photography!
Treat yourself to a visit to her blog Bicocacolors.


As we near Winter Solstice, 
my heart feels the peace found in deep nights.

Soon,  we will experience more sunlight each and every day.

Wishing you all a lovely holiday season!



Give Away from Novica!

cold days and nights 
grow icy delights


(in association with National Geographic)
is giving MY Blog readers 
a gift certificate of $50

Novica supports artists around the world by giving them a place to sell their art 
to us.

I ordered two gifts from them.

Mate Gourd Maracas
their sound is awesome
the art a delight
the gift wrapping thrilled me:

 a silk scarf
soft and fluid
the batik is gorgeous and it came in a hand dyed bag for wrapping!

this is how they arrived:

So, take a look at some of the links (below)
and if you would love a chance to win this $50 gift certificate leave me a message
in the comment section. 

I will randomly choose one person on 16th of December, 2011.

one more thing:

Novica has opportunities to become a consultant!
This might be a fun and beneficial way to earn money with a great company. 
You can read the details here:

Wahoo to the lucky winner!




I have just learned of an auction that is taking place 
to help Terri Windling and her family in a time of need. 

Terri has a wonderful blog called: The Drawing Board

If you would like to see the auction:
The list of things to bid on is wonderfully long and overflowing with awesome treasures.... 
perhaps you will find a gift for someone
and help a family in need at the same time.

these 3 images and 7 more will be included for the winner of my auction

Terri has inspired and helped so many, she deserves this support.



Grave Creek House

once upon a time
this wee house was built
looking into these walls
I wonder why it tilts
the stories it holds
may never be told
but we can dream and wonder

the sun came out 
and it seems Autumn is still amongst us
I love this vital time when two seasons dance
snow one day
hinting of winter
sun the next reclaiming autumn
reminding me that nature has it's own way
and we must learn to dance with what is

while wandering yesterday
we came across one of the more humorous 'No Trespassing' signs I have seen: