Seeds and Mist in Morning Light

dandelion seeds
in fancy droplets of mist
spheres that hold
morning light
lean in close
for the cloak between realms lifts
a province of treasure
precious light

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Autumn Mist ~

we are contained
within a vessel that we call body
and so our spirits energy is quite tangible
a strong presence to get to know

without a body
it might be more obvious
that we are connected
completely blended
like mist
to all energy
all life
imagine that

perhaps it is our vessel that fools us
for a moment
or a lifetime
into thinking
we are separate

to enjoy skies from around the world


The lovely and Talented Amalia, has honored me with a beautiful post about my photography.
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please visit: Art Memoirs by Amalia K
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visit her art blog: Translucent Blue!
doing so would be a grand gift to you~

from my heart to yours
thank you Amalia


A Welcoming Embrace ~ Grace

a welcoming embrace

there is a grace within the spirit
of your wild and rugged beauty
a grandeur
in the immensity of your mountains deep and high
you inspire stepping out of time
a spaciousness settles in
an embrace so complete
that the wild
I am

Sunset at Kintla Lake, Glacier National Park


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Water, a Precious Gift ~

raindrops bathing in sunlight

fluid life of water
an entirely mutable dance
raining from the sky up high
seeping into earth below
quenching thirst of tree and bee
flower deer you and me
all the food and drinks
we eat
released again
to our earth beneath
an entirely mutable

Friday, October 15, 2010

this years subject is 'water'.

Water is entirely precious, essential and part of every bit of our bodies
and all life. 
To deeply appreciate what water is to our lives, is to care for its health.
As I write this post, there are over 4,000 blogs that will be honoring water in one way or another. 
You can join in, visit: Blog Action Day, sign up, and honor water on your blog, in your way.

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From the Earth We Do Rise

from the earth we do rise

born of spirit and earth
we are

a wee tiny baby
potential to grow
on and on

eating breathing drinking
from the bosom
of mother and earth

from the earth we do rise
bodies made from this planet
filled with eternal spirit


I would like to thank Ces for honoring me with her beautiful 
Arija award. 
This award honors lovely Arija, living life fully
and the gift of friendship, sisterfriends. 
Thank you dear Ces ~



Fragrance of Mullein~

have you ever smelled
a mullein flower
it's scent is guaranteed
to make something inside
swirl and twirl
with a need to lean in close
for another inhalation

to enjoy wonderful macro photography