Autumn full of Golden

Golden Giants
aspen are elks favorite food

early evening light
first day of Autumn

a sweet trail to the North Fork River

to sit
simply be
with the beauty of a day

to take to heart
and become
the new season


one more from the week before:



late summer
choke cherries and raindrops
sing to my eyes

gentian's colors and spots
sing of late summer

seed heads dance in late summer light

rain inspires the underworld to rise through the earth

autumn colors brilliant in late summer

all sing to my heart
as well as my eyes


Aqua Waters, Glacial Expression

the journey began
with a two boat
two lake ride
with a hike in between lakes
that took me deeper into the mountains before i began my hike

climbed high above Grinnell Lake
the gorgeous glacial lake above
(actually there are three lakes in the photo)

up up up

past waterfalls:

Upper Grinnell Lake:

a lake with summer icebergs

found this gorgeous critter:

here are the icebergs
(sorry, I was shooting into the sun):

the rocks along the trail 
were colorful
rich in movement and design made by glaciers

a hike that I certainly recommend


Late Summer Wander

your immense magnitude
radiates a
tangible presence - as does the suns rays of light

throughout time you have aged beautifully

the way the wind sings through your trees
blows clouds around and above thee

all these ways and more
bring me to my inner mountain
wind tree and beauty

you are simply who you are
a glorious mountain

cloaked in forest, flower, berry and creatures of your realm

bearing gifts freely

do you know what this alpine succulent type plant below is?
 the flowers are about 1/4" across, lovely in it's silvery green
but i can not figure out what it is.
I found on the Grinnell Lake Trail :

The first person to let me know in the comments
can choose one of my greeting cards from my shop as a thank you gift