Like a Stone

piled along the shore
cloaked in their finest ice
and a few snowflakes
stones in multitudes of colors
gold silver mauve lavender steel blues
and awesome grays
sitting amongst them I became as a rock
simply another stone
silently resting along the shore


Water Sky

earth beneath
heaven above

 stars they dance for our eyes at night
invisible as daylight glows
lake surface satin smooth
visual grace
a sensual show
igniting our hearts 
while soothing our souls


thank you for being my lovely friends in blogland



Mountain Lion and Elk

headed into the forest and through the meadow on skis
day a blend of subtle grays greens and white
following the tracks of a lone coyote
a song of twitter tweet 
tiny birds

then a splash of movement and rich browns

a tribe of elk
they looked at me
I at them

they turned and trotted through the trees

continuing on
a fresh trail of a lone mountain lion 

I could not help but follow

a month or so ago
  I found a lion had walked in my tracks

now I follow the lion

somehow I feel an affinity to these quiet winter woods

the lion tracks were between 3.5 inches and 4"





imagine that life exists
simply and always exists
before and after we meet each spectacular moment
life is

yesterday a breath of air and moisture existed
at night they mingled with freezing temperatures
grew into a delight for our eyes
winter crystals

sun comes to shine
and they melt
but that life
lived before and now after they were born into crystals

imagine that life always is

this is where I met these crystalline beauties:

to my eyes
this mornings forest was cloaked in fuzzy frost 
yet up close
I was enraptured with what I found