Pond Writing

last night was starry
which means that it got cold
20F when I awoke

the morning was frosty
sparkling and full of rainbow lights

the ponds froze over

as i admired the surface of the pond
i thought it appeared like a foreign language

script carved into the ice

a temporary story

perhaps written for the fish below

or a tale
for the world above


Autumn and Winter begin to Mingle

appreciating the mushrooms 
 as i studied them 

clear night skies
inspire frost to grace life

sunlight is revealed as tiny sparkling orbs
when mixed with frost

colors dance before our eyes
good medicine

some trees 
the sunlight chooses them to present, show off and reflect

finding new treasures
Basidioradulum radula, Toothed Crust fungus
like an artful mandala

Plicaturopsis crispa, a Crimped gilled Polyporales
this is the underside, the top looks like
it was growing on dead wood:



Our Spell of Rain has Broken

near sunset
sunlight poured through a parting of clouds
alpine glow happened on this handful of trees

in the cloak of the forest
witch's butter oozes from old wood
( Dacrymyces chrysospermus)

I found my first teeny tiny
sphere thrower fungi
(see that clear jelly ball? it gets thrown from it's cup)

above is another view of this tiny scene
(Sphaerobolus stellatus, sphere thrower)

the fungi continue to pop up 
(Suillus Grevillei, tamarack Jack)

a friend, spur of the moment, took us up in his plane
autumn looked beautiful from the sky!
Thank you Bill!