Autumn and Winter begin to Mingle

appreciating the mushrooms 
 as i studied them 

clear night skies
inspire frost to grace life

sunlight is revealed as tiny sparkling orbs
when mixed with frost

colors dance before our eyes
good medicine

some trees 
the sunlight chooses them to present, show off and reflect

finding new treasures
Basidioradulum radula, Toothed Crust fungus
like an artful mandala

Plicaturopsis crispa, a Crimped gilled Polyporales
this is the underside, the top looks like
it was growing on dead wood:



  1. Those first mushrooms are so beautiful with their different colours and fluted undersides! How charming the frost makes everything too! The sunlight dancing through the golden leaves is a visual delight! Thank you for sharing your nature with us!

  2. You have a way of highlighting the beauty of nature that dazzles me. You are technique in beauty. Thank you very much for your report.
    Have a good one, Tammie.


  3. All those bare trees really reinforce that winter is close at hand.

  4. Beautiful series.
    Nice captures.

  5. magnifiques photos, belle interprétation de la nature..sensible, formidable... biz

  6. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  7. beautiful photographs. I love the upturned mushrooms all snuggled together like that. thanks for sharing your autumn..winter environment.

  8. So beautiful photos - wonderful series!
    Happy day
    hug Crissi

  9. Such beauty to wake up to this morning ♥

  10. I love your world and how you find beauty in the small things.

  11. Dear Tammie - How beautiful the assorted mushrooms! The leaves fringed with frost are so beautiful. Toothed Crust fungus looks like pale blue woolen glove though I don’t know how many fingers it will warm. Thanks for sharing these hidden beauties.


  12. Beautifully captured, Tammie! Right on the edge of winter. Soon your photos will have lots of white and they will be beautiful too.

  13. That first photo of the interiors of the fungi is so fabulous! Honestly, I think more times than not I gasp when I open your blog!

  14. How beautiful your world is, as always. The last two of photos look like creatures growing in the sea floor, not on the dead wood. I went to Osaka yesterday. I saw there was a big fungi ornament displayed at the cosmetic department. It was beautiful red with white dots on it. It captured my eyes and made me think of your mushrooms. Happy day to you!

  15. The patterns and textures in this series are awesome! I am learning a lot about mushrooms from you, too.

  16. I have had a super time visiting here and catching up with all the spectacular photography of the beauty around you, the skies, autumn colours, mushrooms, so much to dazzle and capture the eyes. As always l'm so grateful for all you share here, totally enchanting!

  17. This is such a gorgeous series, Tammie! Wow!

  18. You certainly have an eye for nature pics!
    Colours, textures and subjects are all fascinating!
    Keep well and enjoy the new week, Tammy :)

  19. There is so much beauty in every season -Jack Frost is back to freeze and inspire!
    Amazing how some fungi look like coral.
    Thank you Tammie...

    Stay warm!

  20. Ha Tammie,
    Puur de natuur,stuk voor stuk
    schilderijtjes in de natuur!
    foto en 1 en 2 zo mooi!!!
    groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,
    Pure nature, piece by piece
    paintings of nature!
    photo 1 and 2 and so beautiful !!!
    Greetings Christiene.

  21. So much beauty in nature. A feast of colors and textures in these pictures, well done :-)

  22. Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them, Tammie.

  23. Fall really is mushroom time isn't it? Do you gather them to eat or simply admire?

    1. Yes, autumn and Spring are the two mushroom seasons for the most part. Especially if we get rain and we sure did. Some years are better than others. There are a few mushrooms i have learned and feel comfortable gathering for food. But mostly I find them fascinating, beautiful and joyful to see.


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