Mushrooms on Wood and under Rocks

taking form from the world as they grow

sprouting from driftwood

a heavy rock does not discourage

 so pretty in she shadowy light

a family of wood dwelling creatures
when i find wood dwellers
it is usually on a dead tree

such busy busy squirrels
happy October to one and all!


  1. Such gorgeous colours and textures in that first photo! It took me a moment to recognize the yellow mushroom trying to breathe out among the rocks!
    I love the squirrels idea of decorating a pine tree!

  2. I love the shot of the mushroom pushing through the rocks. I've never seen mushrooms growing in the rocks -- but then again, you've got more rocks that we do!

  3. Happy October to you as well Tammie.
    These photos are marvelous,
    aren't mushrooms magnificent !

  4. These are some incredible shots, Tammie. I love the blues in the first shot. Magical land you live in.

  5. Ah ... so beautiful Tammie! I love the rich colours! Something that is starting to disappear around here. :( A bit of that white stuff is in the forecast just west of us! YUCK!

  6. I'm constantly amazed how everything in the universe takes shape just like this.

    Fabulous images....thank you!

  7. Gorgeous...how mesmerizing..these are all such beauties..and your heart must jump when you come across these sacred treasures to photograph! Love the colored rocks too..amazing! Love the busy squirrels...decorating he forest with such magic adornments!!
    hugs..blissful post!

  8. I agree soo with Victoria!i bet you was very happy shooting those photoes:)))I feel the same beeing in the nature.

    Thank you for the look.
    Peace and Love


  9. Tammie,I hope you're known as the master of the shots.
    Have a good one.


  10. Exquisite photos! Really very beautiful mushrooms! Wonderful shots!

  11. Tammie, this collection of stunning mushrooms really touch my soul! I love them so much, but yours are so beautiful and different, they awaken every sense, the colors and textures are just magical!

  12. Happy October to you! I've been traveling these past two days and returning home is so, so nice, and returning to the beautiful images you share here just adds to it!

  13. It's 'shroom season with us too Tammie. Gorgeous pictures.

  14. ...beautiful photos of the mushrooms, and I had to chuckle at the mushroom left by the squirrel!

  15. So many different types and all so unique. Those rocks amaze me every time!

  16. Great collection of 'shrooms; and pretty too!
    I'm seeing large numbers of them here too.

  17. Gorgeous shots!

  18. So pretty! I love your mushrooms and how they inspire.

  19. How I love mushrooms, Tammie! Your pictures certainly show the colours and textures so well. Enjoy all your autumn mushroom walks in your beautiful wild.

  20. Ha Tammie een prachtige serie in de natuur.
    De stenen zijn denk ik geschilderd?
    Heel bijzonder paddenstoelen op de woning een mooie foto... grappig.
    Bij ons in de tuin op een af gezaagde boom stronk in de tuin groeien ook paddestoelen heel klein.
    Een groetje Christiene.

    Ha Tammie a wonderful series in nature.
    I think the stones are painted?
    Very special mushrooms on the property a beautiful picture ... funny.
    With us in the garden on a sawed off tree stump in the garden grow mushrooms also very small.
    A greet you Christiene.

  21. Life springs from life, for sure. These are stunning!

  22. Lovely mushrooms. I recognize some of the species because we have them too. I think my favorite photo is sprouting from driftwood because the pebbles make such a nice background.

    You must have had lots of rain too, when Colorado was having floods. Our squirrels, like yours, are going crazy, working to hang the mushrooms in the trees...

  23. I never tire of fungi!

  24. The shrooms are beautiful but I'm always so taken with your rocks. They are the most stunning colours I've ever seen.

  25. Gosh, Tammie! These are all stunning and the colors in your first photo are delicious. What a palette.

  26. So tremendously beautiful. Awe-inspiring.


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