Seasonal Glimpses

sweet little mountain chickadee

autumn raindrops

It has been a very cold autumn, more like winter cold.
snow a number of times
has come and gone

I love how the snow reveals who has walked by
in this case an elf....

(or possibly a skunk)

Ponderosa tree bark
artful and beautiful

occasional snowflakes

 as well as
beautiful frost



  1. Something about your pictures makes me think you may be part elf. Stunning and magical. Love the bark.

    1. Thanks for inspiring a morning smile.
      You are not the first to say that.
      So glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Beautiful details in a magical world.

  3. I think I'd like to think its an elf, not a skunk! Adore the icy mushroom!

    1. A month ago, I was walking up my steps and glimpses around the corner of my shed a skunk and I ducked back out of view fast. At the same moment the skunk ducked under the shed out of my view. Then we both peaked back at each other. It made me smile so big that our instincts were exactly the same. Fun fun.

      But I do not enjoy the scent of their spray.

      Thank you for your visit Jeanie.

  4. Thanks for giving us glimpses into your nature, which I can’t see in my part of the world. I have the same thought with Linda. Your photos make me think the photographer could be an elf in disguise. I especially like the snowflakes, Ponderosa tree bark, and the mushroom fringed with ice. Contrary to your world, my autumn was so bright and warm like early summer. I wonder how my winter will be.


    1. Thank you so much for enjoying Yoko. It is fun for me to hear which photos got your attention.
      Thank you for inspiring a smile this morning.

  5. I love seeing your woodland photos. Magical! I specially love the snowflake. Are you sure, you are not part elf :)


  6. Wonderful colours, textures and never-ending beauty of the natural world around you. Such a cute little mountain chickadee and that adorable snowflake. the Ponderosa tree bark is a work of art all on its own!

  7. Your photos are always so beautiful when I see them on IG, but even more beautiful here on my laptop screen. Our weather has been similar to yours here in Colorado. So much snow, it has felt like winter since October.

  8. I love all the photos! You managed to capture all my interests in this post. That little mushroom will most likely show on your art blog.

  9. Thank you, as always, for sharing the beauty in your life. It's such a generous gift. ::nods::

  10. What an amazing set of images. I, too, have an ongoing love of the color, texture, and scent of Ponderosa Pine bark. The mushroom in winter is quite a sight!

  11. Oh Tammie, such beautiful photos, I love the rain drops and snow flakes! And yes, definitely an elf!!! :)

  12. It is so special that you see art in the tree bark. Isn't it amazing how the ice creates snow flakes like that? I think that Elf is on its way to your house, Tammie Lee. Have a wonderful Christmas season. : )


  13. I like your pretty mushroom dressed up in frost!
    Such beaytiful photos as always.

  14. So very lovely... Especially the snowflake...



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